Virtual Spartan Race Weekend

On the weekend of May 30th & 31st we are going to host a virtual Spartan Trifecta weekend3 races over 2 days of varying distance (5k, 10k, and 21k) with obstacles.  Spartan has given the option to receive the Trifecta Medal, shirts, and more if you register and pay on their site, but you don’t have to if you just want to run.  This will be a great option for:

  • Some of you that have thought about doing a race but have not taken that leap
  • Guys looking to get out of the house and get a race in
  • People training for other races and want some trail miles
  • Someone looking for a challenge that they have not completed yet
  • Someone looking to compete in something
  • Guys that are missing getting to race and want to get in a race (or a few)
  • Guys that just want another reason to get out of the house
  • Guys that have wanted to earn their first (or 10th) trifecta but are worried about the crowds of people

You do not have to:

  • Register with spartan to run the races with us.  If you want all the extra stuff from Spartan then register, if you don’t want that then don’t and come push yourself
    • Also you can register per race that you complete.  If you just run 1 and you want the stuff, register for just that race 
  • Run all of the races.  If you want to just want to run one, run one.  If you want to do 2, do 2.  It does not matter.  Come out and enjoy the camaraderie and run with us
  • Be a “good” runner.  This (just like F3) is for EVERYONE. If you run an 8-minute mile, awesome.  If you run a 19-minute mile, great come out.  Leave no man behind and no man where you found him.


Here is a quick rundown of the weekend’s events:

  • Saturday, May 30th – 7 am Creekside Estates Sprint. – 5k distance, 20 obstacles
  • Saturday, May 30th – (time to be determined, but likely about 5 pm) Forest Creek Super – 10k distance, 25 obstacles
  • Sunday, May 31st – 7 am Boiling Park Beast – 21k distance, 30 obstacles 


If you would like to register and get the gear, here is the link:


We do ask that you register with us so we can get a headcount of who will be coming for each race.


F3 Cherokee