Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day Schedule:

On Memorial Day it is our typical tradition to take part in doing a “Murph” for our workout of the day and try to converge at just a few locations.  For those who do not know what the Murph is its a mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats(broken up as needed), then you finish up with another mile run.  It is a Crossfit Hero WOD in honor of Micheal Muphy a Navy Seal who was killed in action on June 25th 2008 and was awarded the Medal of Honor.



Wartowne – 0600 – Meet at Bascomb Elementary (1335 Wyngate Pkwy)

The League/Stoneclad – 0600 – Sequoyah Park

Wicked Witch – TBD – Birmingham Park

Crossroads – 0600 – Avery Elementary

Clinic/Chatterbox – 0700 – Dupree Park


Remember the meaning. As a veteran on Memorial Day, I choose to enjoy this time with my family doing what most do, grilling, pool, lake, etc and that is wonderful. But that is not what this day is really about. It’s not a “holiday weekend” it’s not about military discounts, it’s not about going to the beach and drinking, it’s not about fun in the sun. It’s remembering all those men and women that chose to serve this country and sacrificed their lives, sacrificed their ability to spend a day of fun with their families, sacrificed seeing their children grow up, sacrificed their future so that you and I could have those freedoms. So go out and enjoy today however you choose, that is your freedom, just remember those that lost theirs!

If you are doing the “Murph”, look up one veteran who sacrificed their life and bring their name to COT to remember


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