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The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups to invigorate male community leadership.  Virtuous leadership is needed more now than ever in our country and community. F3 is not the only answer, but it is one of the answers to the problems that face our society. Sadclowns cannot act. They are trapped in the status quo, and the status quo is not going to get anyone anywhere. We need acceleration. F3 teaches that every man is capable of leading.  Our structure of rotating leadership is designed to teach leadership skills.

Now is the time to pass on the role of Nantan and Weasel Shaker. Starting in July, Cricket will be stepping up as Nantan and The Mole will be taking on the Weasel Shaker position. For those of who do not know, Cricket and The Mole were 2 of our very first FNGs at the Kodiak in Cherokee County. Cricket posted on day one and The Mole was there on Day 2. I met them right before that because they were coaching youth basketball together for upward (though sadly I did not EH them). They have been steady pax from the beginning. Both have served as Site Qs, both have taken on 2nd F and 3rd F events, and both our outstanding fathers, husbands, and friends.  Please give them a big TClaps for taking on these new leadership roles.

The Nantan is the cultural/spiritual Leader within the Starfish-modelled organization who influences through VAPE (vision, articulation, persuasion, exhortation). I talked to Cricket right before the pandemic about taking over and he said, “I will think and pray about it.” Clearly he is the right HIM for the job.

The Weasel Shaker is the member of the team whose Dolphin is spread sheeting.  For F3Cherokee, the Weasel Shaker is the attention to detail, focused Pax who makes sure things get done and the right hand man to the Nantan.  If you know The Mole, you know he is an attention to detail and organized Pax as evidenced by the Spartan’s he put together. He is the HIM ready to support Cricket and the Region.

Cricket and The Mole will be joining the leadership team that consist of Gut Check as Growth Q, Panhandle as Comz Q, Exile as 1st F Q, Alcoa and Trill as 2nd F Q, Jack Bauer as 3rd F Q, and Carmen SanDiego as IT Q.  They are here to the lead the region by serving the Pax.

Babyface and I are grateful for all the love and support we have received over the years.  We met each other when we started our F3 journey about 5 years ago with F3 Alpha at the Rubicon within a month or two of the first flag being planted in our area by the Nation.  Babyface, along with Bloodhound and C4, were the real driving force to bring F3 to Cherokee County.  Homeboy took what they started and planted the flag at Paragon 1 year after the Kodiak was planted which quickly followed by the Playground by the Mole, the Cheetah by Ricky Bobby, and StoneClad by YHC, and finally Manning planting a flag at the Clinic. (All within about 5 months). People like Hooch, Ricky Bobby, and Kiffin took on website development and F3Cherokee official became a region on July 4 two years ago. We soon found Carmen SanDiego who took us out of the stone age of twitter, and the rest is F3Cherokee History. I have been truly blessed to be along for the ride.

My Goal has always been to develop a strong F3 culture that is centered on the mission and living third.  F3 only works when the Pax step up and make it work. We give it away and spread what we have found to others.  F3Cherokee has grown because the Pax continue to give it away and focus on the mission.  Babyface and I are very happy to pass on the leadership roles to new HIMs and know that F3Cherokee will continue to plant, grow and serve small mens workout groups to invigorate male community leadership.



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