Life’s Ruts

I started to cut my grass the other day and decided to cut it diagonally across the yard.  My front yard is flat. The side and back of the yard is on a slope. I push mow. Its easiest to push parallel to house going side to side, gently down the slope.  The problem with that is cutting in the same direction over and over will eventually form ruts in the yard.  Cutting in different directions prevents ruts.  So as I started to cut the grass, I could see the lines from the last time I cut and decided I would go diagonally this time.   Its harder to cut my yard that way because it forces me to push mow up hill.  That is when I thought about life’s ruts.

A rut can be defined as a track worn by a wheel or habitual practice. That is what happens in our lives.  We form habits. A habit can either be good or bad.  QSource teaches us that forming good habits helps us to establish guardrails to keep us from falling off the road when something unexpected happens. For instance. Making it a habit to wake up every day to workout out at 5:30 helps keep fitness a priority.  It keeps you on your road to fitness.  But what happens when the habits form ruts? If you do the same thing over and over again along a well worn rut, are you still accelerating?

As I cut the grass, I thought about how well F3 keeps us from forming ruts with our fitness. While it takes habitual discipline to wake up in the morning to workout at F3, the rotating Q principle of F3 keeps the workout from being the same thing every time. A different man leads the workout each week. We all have our own styles and habits when we Q so no two men lead the same workout. Not having every beatdown at the same AO, keeps the workouts from becoming stale by offering different terrains. Changing up the styles of beatdowns also help. Bootcamp one day, running the next, followed by a kettlebell or 0.0 beatdown keeps the body guessing. It forces the mind to stay out of automatic piolet and engage in the beatdowns.

How do we translate what we do for fitness with the rest of our lives?   If you don’t change things up from time to time, you may find that you have stopped accelerating.   Every now and then we must get out of our groove and challenge ourselves. Do something different, even if its hard.   Maybe its time to run your first 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. Maybe its time to step up at church and lead a small group.  Maybe its time to take your family on a vacation somewhere new. Maybe its time to learn how to play the guitar or learn a second language or how to play cribbage. Maybe its time to read that classic novel you avoided in high school. Maybe its time to take your M on a date to learn how to line dance or to go on a bike ride. Whatever it is for you and your life, do something to change things up. Do something that is not easy.  Keep accelerating.

F3 Cherokee