AO: Vineyard

When: 01/26/2023


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: GoDaddy, Icy Hot, Nesquik, Soft Spot,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: NesQuik

It was chilly, but today I was early, by 5 minutes.  You know arrival time is an issue for me when I talk about it in most of my backblasts.  Soft Spot and I caught up a bit, GoDaddy arrived and posted the flag and then Icy Hot showed up with 30 seconds to spare.  We moseyed.


We ran over to the bus lanes for the high school where we did weed pickers, butterflies, toe touches and other stretches.  We might have done side straddle hops too.

The Thang!

We ran all over the campus this morning and we all got 3 miles in or close to 3.  We started at the entrance where the banner is and I had tunes to entertain us.  The first song was Amish Paradise by Weird Al, the morning was set for entertainment.

Because I was a dipstick in high school, we did dips along the front rail.  We ran to Arnold Mill and hugged the right side of the road.  We went to the main entrance and picked up a coupon at the drain and did Curls for the Girls!  Then we went to the Grapes of Wrath and did mountain climbers at the bottom.  We ran to the entrance to the middle school, took a left and went up to the gym entrance.  And because we worked on our biceps for the girls, we had to add calf raises to show off our legs.  There we did 3 sets of calf raises (toes pointed out, toes pointed in and toes straight…I have mastered toes pointed back yet LOL).

We ran to the back of the MS and did derkins on the benches.  Then we ran to the back entrance for the lunch room and did burpees, because middle school lunch makes you want to burp.  Then we continued along the back road until we got to where they park the camping trailers and did Imperial Walkers.  We finished our set there and moseyed to a place hardly visited at the Vineyard, the tennis courts.  We worked on our rock hard abs by grabbing on to the fence and doing leg lifts, touching the fence with our toes over our heads.

We ran back toward the entrance doing 5 squats at each light pole on the main road and then sprinting to the next, until we reached the yellow gate.  Then we ran to the entrance to the football field and did American Hammers.  We continued back on our loop to the entrance, did more dips, ran along the road and did nipple scraping merkins on the curb along the entrance road, ran to the front of the high school and did big boy sit ups and finished with some laps around the back parking lot where the flag is.


Prayers for GoDaddy’s mom and for all of us to be focused and productive at work.

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