AO: Chatterbox

When: 05/16/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Doddy, Honky Tonk, Scarlet, Silverado, Trill, Whopper, Yellow Snow,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Whopper

QIC: Trill

Wasn’t sure on how big the group would get today; was pondering if the need to split would arise. Saluki called for 1’s and 2’s and off we go our separate ways and time for YHC to cook something up………..



Sung gods and MP OYO

10 merkins IC

The Thang:

at the tennis court parking lot; 25 merkins, backward peddle to top for 50 mountain climbers run back down rinse and repeat.

on picnic tables near trail, 20 dips IC, 10 derkins IC, 10 dips IC, 10 incline merkins IC.

Run the trail to the basketball courts for some ROF: squats and air chair, superman punch and super man pose, hold 6 inches and flutter kicks, plank and twisted mountain climbers

mosey the drive to tennis courts for two rounds of crawl, walk, run, skip; the width of the two courts we bear crawl out and crawl bear back, lung walk out and back, run forward and run backwards, skip out and back, elbow plank on the six.

Pass the baton to Doddy for 200 DUI’s and numerous rounds of figure 8’s along the courts lines. Next Indian run a lap around the track. Then mary…… reverse crunch, american hammers, then run another lap (not really a mary exercise but screw we’ll do it). All along Yellow Snow stayed steady biking the laps around the track sometimes off road.


Joined forces with group 1 for prayers from Saluki and the assist in naming the FNG…… Reese now known as Whopper because he manages a McDonald’s and we are a real creative bunch you know. Whopper was just wanting to play disc golf nice and relaxing activity when spotted by Saluki with the cloak and dagger.

Naked Man Moleskin:

-Not long before all that madness mentioned above there were three arrogant PAX  that ran noonday trail for some pre-run 5k action.

-100 merkins all together for anyone keeping count, and over 2 miles of running during the beatdown

-20 dips IC is rough as is 10 derkins IC

-second round of crawl walk run skip stirred up some chatter. First is hard but not too hard, second round you need to dig a little deeper.

-figure 8’s are fun but will getcha you too with all that side ways shuffle.

-Doddy Indian ran us straight through group 1 as they where doing their aerobics, they had the cinder blocks out but just laying down next to them for effect.

-good seeing Yellow Snow out with us again 70+ years old still riding us off the track. Him and his family are doing well.

chatter topics from group 2: Trump hates Chinese food, if you mix white wine with red wine you get…… boones farm, if you drink half of two of your M’s bottles of wine she wont be pissed off for you drinking one whole bottle, Honky Tonk blows off wine and beer and goes straight for evil in the bottle (Tequila).

Saluki was heartbroken to see no Drumstick. YHC had bad form today i’m sure without Grylls there as the form police. Where was Grylls ? The league licking sweat off other PAX to prove COVID is fake news? By the time you read this backblast Doddy still wont have his backblast in from last Saturday.


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