AO: Happy Jack

When: 01/14/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: C4, Crablegs, Dixie Chick, LawDog, White Claw,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

Babyface ordered a Brute Force mystery bag the other week. YHC was looking into possibly ordering my own to have a back up and alternative to the GoRuck bag.  While skimming reviews and customer videos, I found some new bag moves and quickly signed up to  Q the Happy Jack to see if they sucked as much as they appeared.

5:30 sharp mosey to the football field to deposit the bags. YHC lead the Pax down across the lacross fields to the running track where we took a right turn up the hill and then take a right at the cut throught, oh wait missed the cut through so just run down the side of the him and hope for no twisted ankles back to the football field for some SSHs, IWs, WPs, and WMs.

Line up on the side line for the Thang.

Mexican Sled Dogs (in the Downward Dog position push the sand bag across the field to the opposite side line) run the bags across the field to preform 5 reps per side of the following exercises:

  1. Merkin pulls with Granby Rolls.  Perform a pushup with the bag to your side, grab the bag with the opposite arm and pull it across to the other side, grab the bag and roll the bag over your body back to the starting position. 5 reps right, 5 reps left.
  2. Reverse Lunge – Hold the bag and reverse lunge 5 each leg.
  3. Bag over sholder – Squat to pick the bag of the ground and throw it behind you over one shoulder. 5 right shoulder 5 left shoulder.
  4. Get-Ups – Bag on right shoulder lying down on the flat of your back. Stand up. 5 right shoulder, 5 left shoulder.
  5. Run the bag back to the starting line.
  6. Take the lap using the warmup run route (just make sure you use the cut through path).

Pax rinse and repeated above decreasing from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 rep per side after each lap.

Back to the Flag for Nameorama and COT.

  • Prayers for those dealing with Covid.
  • Prayers for DC’s coworker’s family


  • The Granby Roll did not disappoint. YHC claims naming rights and named it this because well why not. A seemingly easy thing to do, but with a 50-70 lb sandbag, it wears you out especially after the merkin pull throughs. Definitely will be using this one again.
  • Dixie Chick does not think he has the right body type for get-ups. I just assumed the closer to the ground, the less getup you need, but hey what do I know.
  • White Claw is taking after C4. He shut the mumble chatter down like a pro for the name-o-rama and COT. Before we know it White Claw will be the next weekend update anchor for C4NN.
  • While YHC did not come up with the sled push, but am trying to get it named Mexican Sled Dogs. 3 reasons. For one it sounds cool. Two, it honors Hombre who pulled out the sled push first and it even impressed bloodhound. While Hombre sounds Mexican, he is actually a ‘Mercan form Columbia via some rain forest birth with a medicine woman from an Amazon warrior tribe while Dad and Mom were missionaries. 3 sled dogs pull sleds in the snow in Alaska. All three reasons seem rational and logical and good enough to me.
  • Tibit of the Day. “Women get crazy, Men get Old.” C4’s Dad. Crablegs had to pull out his reading classes to read this backblast and said he agrees.
  • Pay attention The Arena. YHC has the Q next week.

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