AO: Dial Up

When: 10/12/2020


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Careless Whisper, Gut Check, Hass, Hooch, Viceroy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hooch

It was all going great until…

Well, I guess you just have to read it now.

Amidst a mandatory family isolation for COVID Koodeez, YHC was very pleased to be joined in the ZOOM by the aforementioned F3 Cherokee regulars and especially our featured Guest Appearances: Pickaxe (Hooch 2.0), Wall-E (F3 Princeton, NJ), and CSPAN (F3 Nation Royalty). Seems Gut Check has been talking up the dazzling professionalism and strong skills of the F3C Dial-Up boys to the whole earth, so what could we do but rise to the occasion 550 times? (Holy crap, they must have been disappointed in so many ways!! Hahahaha! But here’s why:)

After a brief warm-o-rama complete with SSH, weed pickers, and some nice, long planks, we embarked on a 40-minute trek DOWN the escalator.

Round 1: 100 squats, 50 BBS, 20 Merkins
Round 2: 90 squats, 45 BBS, 18 Merkins
Round 3: 80 squats, 40 BBS, 16 Merkins
(and so on and so forth, de-escalating all the way down to 10, 5, and 2)

Nothing of interest happened during this workout. No one had to modify. The end. Have a nice day.

Prayer concerns: for our nation and world as we climb out of the pit of despair, for mercy on our brothers Risky Business (Down Range) and Stopwatch (F3 Cherokee) as they walk the road of cardiovascular recovery and health, and for hope and gratefulness for Wall-E (the F3 Cherokee one) and his crew as they mourn the loss of a loved one from this wretched virus.

Naked Man Moleskin:
The Jerrr-zayyy F3 boys must jump like a flying squirrel at the end of each round of squats, because we saw Wall-E (the Princeton, NJ one) do just that. More than once. Lots of pep in this one’s step. He has the Q next Tuesday.

CSPAN. Flippin’ C-SPAN! David G. in the house! Zoom-bombing the virtual workouts of F3 Nation from coast to coast and from Maple Leaf Land to the Border of Bountiful Burritos. I mean this guy is everywhere. Respect, sir. Great work this morning.

CW came rolling in on two wheels at 0532, and he doesn’t even own a motorcycle. It’s a Schwinn, okay? Kept Gut Check company, or just came to laugh at him for hurting his bicep carrying stoopid heavy rucksacks. Form police perhaps.

Viceroy’s voice is like a warm gooey marshmallow roasted over Barry White’s fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Chancellor clearly owes his Radio Voice to pops. And his perseverance in the gloom, too. Awesome work this morning, Viceroy. Respect, respect.

Ah, and Hass. Now I was dizzy from dehydration and too much pre-workout drink sloshing around in my belly. YOU? You on the other hand? You were dizzy from walking 72 laps around your garage while the rest of the PAX performed the full round’s rep counts of squats (ehem except that one round when I didn’t finish). But doggone, it was great to see you smiling face. One of the most committed mainstays of the Dial-Up. Commendable.

I think it was round 5. Thirty squats in to our round of sixty, there was no denying it. I was going to splash merlot. But not in front of a national audience. Pickaxe claims he was not terrified when I left him in charge and exited to hit my knees and let some demons out. I heard Gut Check’s voice when I popped my head back in to check on everyone, because thankfully that guy can’t stay away from a beatdown OR keep his yapper shut. Besides, he is ALWAYS there to take over for me when I can’t make it through my bootcamp Q without splashing. Oh, yes, this has happened before. And I hope we all live long enough for it to happen some more.

I am exceedingly thankful for you men and your brotherhood. You make me better every time I post and in every interaction in between.

Let’s keep on pushing ourselves and one another to get right and get better. In body, mind, and spirit. Not for our own glory. For the good of our fellow man. For the renown of our Creator and Sustainer. See you in the Zoom.

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