AO: Rattlesnake Riviera

When: 05/20/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Chops, Gut Check, Hasbro, Hooch, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hooch

YHC was up and rolling at 0400 to make coffee, make the drive up to Canton, cruise the planned route, and get in a brief pre-ruck.

Chops and Hasbro arrived while I looped the town square one last time to complete 1/2 mile pre-ruck.  Short Circuit didn’t let a swollen ankle keep him away, and Gut Check can smell a ruck from 100 miles away.  0529 and most of those who were making noise about posting actually did.  We hit up our first round of 10 reps each – ruck-on squats, ruck-on merkins, ruck curls – before we left the shovel flag, so we could wait for Biebs to roll in… to roll in… to… Bro. HC doesn’t mean hardly commit.  BE THERE next week. You’re on notice.  Alcoa – you can come, too.  Hass must have been throwing a 75 gram piece of plastic, instead of hauling 35 lbs.  Which one do you think builds more muscle?  How about more character? I digress.

Chops recently made a great move for this AO, bringing a shot of new life.  He’s sticking with it and not despising the small numbers.  As he should – F3 is about small men’s workouts that reinvigorate male community leadership.  That is what F3 Cherokee rucks are all about.  And the Rattlesnake Riviera is a fine example.  Downtown Canton is a great launch point with sidewalks in every direction, historical buildings, and passage through the neighborhoods of all echelons of society for good perspective, even on a short route.

This morning we headed east on North Street (you got that?), swung around to Main, then headed DOWN John Pettit into the pit of despair.  Left at the bottom of the big hill onto Marietta St., and after the 1 mile mark, we circled up for two more rounds of the aforementioned PT routine.  Right on Kennett and over to the gravel lot across from the American Legion post for 3 more rounds of PT.  Then we looped north on McClure to Harmon Cir and back out to Marietta.  Kept straight past where we entered the road earlier, climbing back to “down”town (misnomer) Canton on West Marietta, which takes you straight to the flag.  We finished our 100 merkins, but left off with 60 squats and 60 ruck curls, simply for the sake of finishing on time.

COT under the bright lights of the Canton Square Gazeebo (which is actulally paragonal): praying for Sticks (teenage “learning opportunities”), Aunt Dolores (stroke recovery), Careless Whisper (family displaced for home reno and eventual move, dealing with stress), and for Hasbro’s steadfastness in adjusting to new challenges at work.

You men make me stronger, even when I’m the Q.  Thank you for joining me this morning and in life.  Let’s go use what we’ve gained to make this world all it is meant to be.

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