AO: Kodiak

When: 03/11/2020


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Cricket, Doubtfire, Miyagi, Orvis, Pitchfork, Scanner, Tie Dye,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Pitchfork

The BackBlast:

Intro: Scanner and YHC loaded up in the truck and heading up to the Mothership to deliver some pain.

Warm-o-Rama: Short Mosey, SSH, Weedpickers, Sun Gods

The Thang: We started with 11s (Merkins and Squats) with  20 yard bearcrawl and 40 yard run in between. Total Merkins: 55, Total Squats: 55

Next up is a little tempo work. YHC brought out a giant winkie that had 4 rounds of exercises listed on it. Workout to the timing of the music (two minute song followed by the one minute song). Exercises for the two minute songs were performed in sets of 10 for the full two minutes.

2 minute song exercises / 1 minute song exercise

  • Merkins&LBCs/Monkey Humpers
  • Squats&Flutter Kicks/Pickle Pounders
  • Dry Docks&American Hammers/Boss Tweeds
  • Burpees&T-Bombs/Newton’s Cradles

We made it through two full rounds and the Merkin/LBCs portion of the third.

COT: Prayers for Dr. Thunder, Prayers for Dory’s wife, prayers for Geppetto’s pending adoption.

Naked Man Moleskin: Always good to get out to the Mothership. We were even blessed with a visit from the Morningwood PAX. The PAX worked hard today! There was some mumblechatter about YHC going soft on his Qs this morning, hopefully this put an end to those rumors 😉

Personnel Notes:

  • Cricket – led the PAX today with perfect form and mind numbing speed. The only PAX to finish the full set of 11’s with the full distance.
  • Doubtfire – provided of premium mumblechatter, was right behind Cricket during the 11’s and crushed the tempo work.
  • Tie Dye – Parked his Prius perfectly to mark some bear crawls out during the 11’s. Put the whoop on the workout!
  • Orvis – Probably had less fun at this workout than he would fly fishing, but killed it anyway!
  • Miyagi – Brought the prime level coffee out this morning! Polished this workout off like it was his job!
  • Scanner – This was his first trip to the mothership! He got to meet a lot of PAX he had not met before and pushed it the entire workout!

Always great leading the men of F3 Cherokee and growing stronger with them. Keep posting, keep getting stronger, and keep showing up for the Man next to you.


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