AO: The Ronin (Closed)

When: 08/20/2022


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Lt. Dan, Panhandle, Subzero,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lt. Dan

We started off with a short mosey towards the railroad tracks.


15 SSH
10 Weedpickers
10 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

For his 1st Anniversary Q, Lt. Dan led the pax in different exercises from previous BDs in the last year at The Ronin. Each exercise was just a small taste of the BD to reminisce and remember the pain.

Parking Lot Bear Crawls- Tenderloin

Start in the parking lot and pick a parking space.

Peter Parkers down, do 20 squats, then Peter Parker back

Crab Walk down, do 20 Merkins, then Crab Walk back

Bear Crawl down, do LBC’s, then Crawl Bear back

Macco’s 5 Mile with Burpees Q

We then ran up Brown Industrial to remember the very first Q Lt. Dan was an FNG at. Macco had the pax run up and down Brown doing 10 burpees every half-mile… For a total of 5 miles and 100 burpees.

Today, we just ran up Brown and did 10 burpees halfway up then10 burpees at the top before moseying back down.

Tenderloin’s Pull-Up Iron Pax that we did twice at the RoninĀ 

Next up, we headed over to the swings to remember the sucky BD Tenderloin made us do twice. We only did one round because it sucked that bad. When Tenderloin Qed it, we did 3 rounds, ran up Brown Industrial, then did 3 more rounds.

5 Burpee Pull-ups
5 Squat Pull-ups
5 Regular Pull-ups

Run up and around the bathrooms, doing lunges along the back wall, then 25 step-ups on the picnic tables.

Panhandle’s Dips, Derkins, and Star Jumps

Once at the Ronin, Lt. Dan, Cocktail, and Panhandle suffered a terrible workout using the benches around the Etowah River Park oval. Today’s rendition was just a small token of justice to Panhandle’s misery.

At each set of benches, do:

10 Dips
10 Derkins
10 Star Jumps

We did this all around the oval which is 6 sets of benches total.

Spartan Sprints

Finally, we ended by moseying back to startex for one last exercise… Spartan Sprints

This was a Ronin staple that was used almost the entire spring.

For the final 8 minutes, we sprinted down the parking lot, did 10 Merkins, then moseyed back.


Panhandle announced this would be the last BD at The Ronin officially as a physical location AO. We will travel around once a month to other Saturday BD’s to put on an Iron Pax Practice style BD.

Then, it started to rain… The final ending of The Ronin as we know it.


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