AO: Other

When: 07/24/2020


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Brain Fart, G-String, Haggis, Ratchet, Turtlehead, Zillow,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brain Fart

Warm o Rama consisted of overview of what was going to happen, technical difficulties, and a slight amount of discomfort on my part as this was my first 0.0.  Pretty sure there was some of the usual Sun Gods, Sdog Nus, Michael Phelps, Weed Pickers, and not a single mosey in sight.

The Thangity Thang,

This BD was a bigger version of one I Q’d at Oz a few weeks back minus the running adding in 4-5 songs.

Half Time – Ying Yang Twins Hillbillies during song, Burpees on the work “crunk”

(Small bluetooth speaker not loud enough, move to Apple Carplay on the car for music)

Up, Down – Morgan Wallen – High Plank – Carolina Dry Docks on “Up, Down” of chorus.  Thanks Westside for the recommendation.
Fun – Kaskade – Heel Touches/Penguins during song, and Pickle Pointers on “FUN”  If you don’t know this song, give it a listen and imagine 6 grown men laying in a parking lot pointing their pickles during it.  My M laughed at the thought of it when she heard the whole song.
Tubthumping – Chumbawumba – Coupon Curls during song, OHP when it says “up”
All Night – Chance the Rapper – Shoulder Taps during song. Merkins on “all night”
Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys – Monkey Humpers and Star Jumps on “Monkey”
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor – Rocky Balboas and Jump Squats on “tiger” (while it was a 0.0, this felt like we ran a mile in place. def recommend).
Chainsaw – Family Force 5 – Imperial Walkers and Squats on “Chainsaw” (this was a crowd favorite)

This is the half song
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk – Terrible song to end on. Just awful.  Hold High Plank and on “Harder, Better+” do a Mike Tyson an “Better Stronger” do Peter Parkers.

Not Played
Thunderstruck – AC DC – SSHs and Burpee on “Thunder”


All in all, these PAX killed the work out.  It was a tough one but one that I will probably continue to keep aspects of.  Definitely not the perfect playlist, but getting close.

G String’s gma – Louise
Everyone navigating unemployment
Parents and Teachers navigating school for the year.
BrainFart and M have a lot of big decisions on plate and trying to navigate.


10 min of HighPlank after 35 Burpees in 4 min is not a good feeling.
8 PM workouts bring a different kind of Humidity/Heat to the table.  Respect it and Hydrate
There a lot of PAX that have not posted in a while, make sure we are reaching out and encouraging the to come out.

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