AO: WoodstockRucks

When: 05/15/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Macintosh, Mouth-2-Mouth, Village people,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: 8-bit

The 4:59:45 discussion:

8-bit:  Its almost 5am.  Let’s ruck up!  Grab your coupons.  I brought a 40lb goruck sandbag

Mouth:  Coupons?  What coupons?

Macintosh:  I brought a sandbag.  A 5.11 sandbag

Mouth:  Coupons?

8-bit:  A 5.11 what?

Macintosh:  A sandbag.  They actually make those.

8-bit:  They do.  It looks floppy, like really floppy.  This is going to be interesting.

Village People:  I have a tire!

Mouth:  Were we supposed to bring coupons?  That was not in the directions.

…..pauses as he scrolls through slack…

8-bit:  A tire?

Mouth:  Oh there it is….. yeah bring coupons…..  Umm.  My bad.

Village People:  I use it at a lot of beatdowns.  People love it.

Mouth, Macintosh, 8-bit:   ……….

8-bit:  Wow… Different but … cool.  Let’s go!


-And so the WoodstockRucks bd begins.  4 is an unusually low number for the Saturday morning crew, but numerous people had said that they would be out this week.  Saturdays are proving to be busy days for various activities for the rucking pax.  YHC had determined that the pax would earn another patch today (if they are so inclined to get one).  Today’s workout would be for the RucksOnParade Coupon Ruck.  The following was the plan:

-Total of 2 miles ruck with 30lb plate in your ruck and doing the following with the coupon:

  • Right Hand Farmers Carry (.25 mile)

  • Left Hand Farmers Carry (.25 mile)

  • Overhead Carry (.25 mile)

  • Bear Hug the coupon (.25 mile)

  • 25 Squats then coupon carry (.25 mile)

  • 25 Lunges then coupon carry (.25 mile)

  • 25 Curls then coupon carry (.25 mile)

  • 25 Triceps Extensions then coupon carry (.25 mile)

-YHC added more PT with the coupons in there during the ruck.  The pax rotated the coupons amongst themselves with everyone hating the 5.11 floppy 50lb sandbag that just flopped in every way that you did NOT want, and they also hated Village People’s tire.  The tire especially sucked on overhead carries.

After the two miles were completed and the patch was earned, the coupons were dropped back at the amphitheater.  The ruck then continued on without the coupons wherein the pax had good conversations getting to know Village People and Macintosh much more.


-NMM:  YHC enjoys starting each weekend with WoodstockRucks.  The stress of the week burns away during uncomfortable coupon rucks and sucky PT.  The fellowship of the brothers aids a man’s soul in a way that cannot be explained and is missed by YHC if YHC cannot attend for some reason.  Find your place in whatever activity appeals to you and plug in heartily.  We were made for this.


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