AO: Armory

When: 12/02/2022


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Happy Ending, Mouserat, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: The Count

I was fully prepared to do a solo Q… but lo and behold… my friends Happy E. and Mouserat showed up to make it 3 times the fun!  Great to have them this morning!



Started with a mosey from the flag up the hill to the backside of Cherokee North, where we “triangled” up for the following exercises:

SSH, weed pickers, Imperial Walkers, sun gods OYO and Michael Phelps OYO


The Thang:

Simple but not easy…

Each man grabbed a cinder block from behind the wall.

– Round 1 started with 20 reps of these 4 exercises:

  1. close-grip Merkins (holding the ends of the coupon)
  2. bicep curls with coupon
  3. squats with coupon
  4. shoulder/military press with coupon

lap around the back parking lot

– Round 2 was the same but with 19 reps of each exercise
– Round 3 was the same but with 18 reps of each exercise
– By the time we got to round 4 with 17 reps, we alternated with shortened lap (about 1/2 as long) and original/long lap
– By the time we got to round 6 with 15 reps, we modified to do the shortened lap from then on
– Since we were getting short on time, we stopped on round 11 or 12 (with 10 or 9 reps of each of the 4 exercises) and then all together did a farmer’s carry/rifle carry combination of the coupon for the final lap.

Mosey back to flag and ended with short COT.  If you get the chance, go see a game played by the Kindergarten CYB team (from Boston Elementary) that Mouserat coaches.  It will be EPIC!

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