AO: Crossroads

When: 04/14/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: FNG, Lively, Mouth-2-Mouth, Mr. Bubbles, Pelosi, Sally Ride, Tulip, Wham-O,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: TPS Reports

QIC: Wham-O

It was a beautiful Wham-O Wednesday this AM in the gloom. YHC had a plan for even or odd numbers, hoping for even. Disappointingly, but also awesomely, 7 PAX showed for the beginning of the beat down. Time hit and we moseyed around, excited for an FNG, and trying to come up with the odd workout. BUT, breaking on the horizon is another set out headlights coming in as if they were launched by a rocket, and Sally Ride made his triumphal entry just in time for warm-O-Rama. Even Beatdown on!

Warm-O-Rama: SSH, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Sun Gods and Michael Phelps. All of this after the disclaimer for our FNG, then we wandered over to grab a coupon.

The thang: Partnering up, we played Catch me if you definitely can. While one PAX knocks out 5 burpees, the other farmer carries to the two blocks. Once they are caught, switch off. We did this up and around the top parking lot, and on to the bus parking lot.

Once we got the bus lanes, the PAX ran a quick lap to stretch our legs. Then grabbing a coupon we did two rounds of Block Bruce Lee. 20 reps of American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Skull Crushers, and Big Boi Sit-ups (Kodak count, all with the block), then take a lap, planking for the six. After the second round the PAX knocked out 10 block merkins.

Shuffle carry our blocks back over the OG parking lot. Where we partnered up again and knocked out AMRAP Manmakers, Squat Thrusts, and Double Squat Jumps while our partner ran to the flag and back. We then deposited our coupons and had time for MAX PLANCK! This is a new exercise YHC wants to get out into the universe. This is a plank crunch series. 10 crunches each. Right arm and left leg up and crunch underneath. Side Plank crunching right arm and leg. Left arm and Right arm up and crunch underneath. Side plank with left leg and arm. Had time for 15 crunchy frogs to finish it off.

Glad to have an FNG this morning! Welcome TPS Reports! Good time this morning with plenty of PG mumblechatter. Everyone pushed hard and you all deserve a pay raise for your work at F3.

Prayers were lifted for Oracle and Freon, keep looking out for one another. We are not in this world alone, nor should we try to be. Get stronger for each other and not just yourself. Anyone who needs to talk can always reach out to YHC, glad to share the load.

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