AO: Armory

When: 12/09/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: 800, Lt. Dan, Nano, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: The Count

It was another great day to be alive!  We “toured” almost the entire campus during our BD, so got in plenty of cardio and some great exercises, thanks to Lt. Dan and 800!



Short mosey around the parking lot, followed by SSH, copper merkins, copper squats, Imperial Walkers, sun god and Michael Phelps OYO



Nano sorted of did his own “tour” (as he got there a bit late), but the other 3 of us jogged all over campus and then stopped periodically to  lead an exercise (leader rotated), starting with 25 reps (for most of them) and decreasing by 1 rep, after each one.

  • 25 Merkins
  • Lt. Dans
    • 1 squat and 4 lunges
    • 2 squats and 8 lunges
    • 3 squats and 12 lunges
    • 4 squats and 16 lunges
    • 5 squats and 20 lunges
    • 6 squats and 24 lunges
  • 23 American hammers
  • 100 arm curls with cinder block coupon (was supposed to be 22, but wanted a good burn)
  • 21 reps of pole dancing
  • 20 copperhead squats
  • 50 monkey humpers (was supposed to be 19, but YHC having trouble counting LOL)
  • 6×3=18 of single leg squats
  • 17 dips
  • 16 star jumps



Nano joined us at the end, when we made it back to the flag.  5K coming up in February of next year to support local charities selected by our firefighters and law enforcement officials.  Pray for one of the students (Caden) that 800 is a group leader for at church — he needs some strong Christian influences in his life to help guide him along the right path.

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