AO: Hurt Locker

When: 11/07/2020


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: LawDog, Misty, Rest Stop,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Misty

Intro: 3rd day of Misty Qs in the same week, running low on creativity and apparently interest in the PAX showing up for the beatdowns. With majority of those in attendance at Veterans opting for B0.0Mtown, YHC thought it was going to be another twosome until Lawdog rolled up right before the start. Let’s get to it!

Warm-up: 10 cotton mills, 10 hillbillies, sun gods/michael phelps OYO

The Thang: Mosey to the first 1/4 mile marker past the rock pile on the loop. Perform 20 squats and then run forward two mile markers (1/2 mile total). Perform 20 squats and then run backward 1/4 mile to the previous mile marker. Repeat running forward 1/2 mile and then backward 1/4 mile performing 20 squats each time you stop. Once back at the original mile marker one last backwards burst up the hill back to the rock pile.

Mosey over to the grass outside the memorial to start the Super 21 routine. 1 merkin and 1 big boy sit up, increasing by one of each until you get to 21. Took breaks at 10, 15, 17 to run a lap and with time running short called it after completing 20 reps of each. Back out to the parking lot with an all out sprint back to the flag.

COT: Prayed for Yogi, Alcoa’s daughter and peace for this great nation of ours

Naked Man Moleskin: Quads were screaming during the backwards runs, especially up the hills. After initial complaints about the lower body aching, YHC was surprised that the PAX weren’t more happy with the second routine. Merlot was mentioned at one point, but no splashy-splashy. Rest Stop put in a solid 10+ miles on the day and Lawdog hit warp speed on the all out sprint at the end, informing us that he lost vision at one point. All in all a solid days work, and that’s before the work on the lights even began for those that stuck around. Honorable mention to the rest of the cable laying crew Haas, Red Hat, Good Hands, and Lawdog as well as those that helped with other setup tasks. After everything was said and done, man, I was spent.

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