Biggest Loser challenge


– $20 buy in.
– Friday, 8/11/2023 will be the first weigh-in.
– Every weigh-in will be on a Friday, all the way until the last weigh-in on 10/6/23 (8 weeks).
– Weigh-ins to be submitted by 9:00 AM on Friday mornings. If I do not receive it by 9:00 AM, re-submit a weight on the following morning, but your results will most likely not be on that week’s update.
– In order to have the most accurate weigh-in, step on that scale naked after both urinating and defecating. For the first weigh-in, you may keep both loads and count them towards your first weight loss of the challenge. (Bonus!)
– To submit the weight, send me a DM with a picture of your scale. IMPORTANT! If you have a glass top (or any gloss finish) on your scale, it will act as a mirror as you screenshot downwards. This + naked = God, please, NO!!! My eyes!!!!
– You do not have to send your weight to the group, just me, but you can if you want.
– I will process the data and rank all the participants based on most percentage of body weight lost and send out the standings.
– This goes unsaid, but let’s protect the integrity of this competition. Money is on the line, so let’s stay true to our brothers working hard to lose this weight.
– After the last weigh-in, I will announce the three Biggest Losers. The top 3 receive payouts of 60% for first place, 30% for second, and 10% for third.
– Please send $20 to my Venmo @Chris-Reynolds-73 by the 2nd weigh-in and be sure to note your F3 name (so I don’t have to go find your real name on Slack).
– After the first weigh-in picture submission, all subsequent weigh-ins do not require a picture; except for the last and final one.
– Yes, this is a competition, but we are also here to support each other. So, we will be encouraging each other, giving each other a hard time, keeping everyone accountable, sharing tips and tricks, etc.  IF NOT ALREADY A MEMBER, JOIN THE BIGGEST LOSER CHANNEL IN SLACK!- This was a lot of information, so here’s the summary…
– Send me a pic of your first weigh-in if you haven’t already done so.
– send me $20 via my Venmo @Chris-Reynolds-73 with your F3 name included. 6901, last four digits of phone.
– weigh-ins are every Friday morning
– lose weight
– support each other!


Good luck, gentlemen!