AO: Armory

When: 12/17/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Jack Bauer, The Count, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: JackBauer


Mosey, SSHs, WeedPickers, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, SunGods…

The Thang!

Time for some Q Source Trivia!

What is Q Source? – 5 Burpees! QSOURCE: The F3 Manual Of Virtuous Leadership

  • Leadership is a skill that a person must learn & master during their lifetime
  • Because we are all born with some leadership ability.
  • QSource is designed to be used by F3 members to improve their leadership skills for the benefit of their families, workplaces and neighborhoods.

How many QPoints comprise the QSource?  50 – 5 burpees.

How many Foundational Q Points are there? 5 – 5 burpees

  • F1/Disruption: Disturbance To The Status Quo
  • F2/Language: The Lexicon Of Effective Leadership
  • F3/Group: A Voluntary Combination Of Two Or More People
  • F4/LDP: The Process Employed By A Group To Develop New Leaders
  • F5/Preparedness: Getting Ready For The Expected While Being Ready For The Unexpected

Quadrants of Preparedness are there?  4 – 5 burpees (think they actually got that one right).

Can anyone name the First Quadrant? – 5 penalty burpees

The First Quadrant: Get Right

Q1/Get Right: The Pursuit Of Proper Personal Alignment

  • A man must get right before he can do anything else
  • An unfit man is a slave to his lack of self-control
  • To be able to help others, a man must first help himself

7’s – up the hill by the parking lot, Diamond Merkins on top and Monkey Humpers at bottom.

Can anyone name the Second Quadrant? – 5 penalty burpees

The Second Quadrant: Live Right

Q2/Live Right: The Dedication To Purposefulness

  • To Live Right a man must have an ultimate purpose in mind
  • To Live Right requires self-sacrifice
  • Living Right helps a man to stay right

DORA (50 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 200 Squats) then mosey to the wall for B2W. 

Can anyone name the Third Quadrant? – 5 penalty burpees.

The Third Quadrant: Lead Right

Q3/Lead Right: The Practice Of Virtuous Leadership

  • The leadership skills are the four capabilities of effective leadership that enable a man to do what a leader does Vision, Articulation, Persuasion and Exhortation (VAPE)
  • The leadership virtues are the five habits and ethics of moral excellence that enable a man to be who a leader is candor, commitment, consistency, contentment and courage – The 5 C’s
  • To Lead Right a person must be both an effective & virtuous leader

Break into small groups (pretty easy with 3 PAX) to lead an exercise.

Can anyone name the Fourth Quadrant? – 5 penalty burpees.

The Fourth Quadrant : Leave Right

Q4/Leave Right: The Construction Of Legacy

  • Only a virtuous leader can leave a legacy
  • A HIM seeks the solution to his ultimate life problem
  • Legacy is constructed through the HIM’s development of virtuous leaders

Mosey (Indian Run with 3 PAX was interesting) to flag for Mary


Challenge to establish a Q Source group (Q of Q Source) or to Join.  Announcements.  Prayers.

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