AO: The Ronin

When: 07/10/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Panhandle, X-Files, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

Recon for Etowah River Park. YHC was pumped to reunite with X-files and always appreciate the support of Z93. YHC hit a prerun to scope everything out. Ran down the boat launch area and got some lovely spiderwebs. Ran into a few runners. Stopped and chatted about F3 Cherokee. Showed some leg to entice them just like Catalina taught me, didn’t seem to work on anyone but the ultra runner. He gave me a dollar bill and a wink.
Low rider (rida’?) club was out in force as well for a car show. Extremely friendly group and lots of beards that would make Lively jealous. Not sure we have another AO with so much space, but where we plant the flag will be a perfectly visible spot for the multitude of park goers. Z93 will have his “coffee is for closers” speech ready to go next week. Gotta win that Cadillac Eldorado.
We ran over to Heritage Park and the city is also building us a nice area with pull up bars and rings. Must have known we are planting an AO there. To that point, they seemed to unleash all the sewage for us to navigate through as well. YHC almost had a nice fall on…mud…maybe…yeah mud. We periodically stopped every half mile to crank out burpees and impress people that passed by with our excellent form and old man weezing.
We ran to the other side of the park past the stage and down the fantastically paved trail that goes over a mile back under 575 and has several very well maintained trails that branch off of it. We finished our last burpees under the pavillion where animals come and maul you apparently. Not sure why it’s tucked all the way in the back near the woods. Reasons.
Running by the river most of the time is glorious as well. Found some coupons by 575 bridge for quick weight work if a Q so chooses. Playground offers some fun usage also and you can get 2-3 PAX on pullups there as well. The large grass field by the parking lot is excellent for routines and cone-zones. 3-4 small bridges that lead away from the stage on the paved trail that would be great for a routine as well. Brown industrial offers a horrific climb that would make Mt Killamylunga weep for the Q to utilize. Benches are scattered and surround the main field for derkin/dip combos. Taking a dip in the river after a BD or in the middle of one is also an option. Heritage Park offers small 10 ft tall hills (see history of Etowah) that would make Spartans or crazy routines really fun there (rolling hills that are spread out at the beginning of that park). Huge open field there as well.
A Q can easily keep the PAX in Etowah on the main drag, hit the climb up BInd, take the PAX down the paved trail or mosey to Heritage.
Nice to get some mileage and do RECON at a new AO. LET’S GO!!!

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