AO: Other

When: 04/16/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Ice T, Pie Bar, Rembrandt,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rugburn

To prepare for the NFL draft next Thursday, we put ourselves through a rigorous Combine Themed BD.

Short Mosey, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Michael Phelps, Lunges, Karaoke, Copperheaded Merkins as a warm up

The Thang:

Started by “maxing out” in The Cat Box – 2 sets – Max Pull ups, Sprint 40 yards, Max Pushups (once you fail…do 1 more!)

Head to The Black Hole (basketball courts) for football position inspired drills.

Start with 10 of each exercise at the baseline, run to half court and do another 10, run back to the baseline do another 10, run to the end of the court and do another 10 (suicide w/ 40 reps in between).

Suicide Drill 1

  1. Linebacker Drill – Burpees
  2. Tight End Drill – Jump Squats

10 count

Suicide Drill 2

  1. Wide Rec. Drill – Werkins
  2. O Line Drill – Big Boy Situps

10 count

Suicide Drill 3

  1. D-Line Drill – Mike Tyson’s
  2. DB Drill – back pedal suicide / Bonnie Blairs (2 count)

10 count

Suicide Drill 4

  1. Punter Drill – Rosalitas (2 count)
  1. RB Drill – Mountain Climbers (2 count)

10 count

Suicide Drill 5

9. American Hammer (2 count)

10. Shoulder Taps (2 count)

10 count

Suicide Drill 6

11. Merkins

12. Box Cutters (chosen by IceT)

We had 8 minutes left so we mosey’d back to The Cat Box to do 60 seconds of holding onto the pull up bar.

Still 4 minutes left…PB led Mary until it was time.



Prayers for Fleetwood as he had some bad sushi the night before.  Get better brother!  Prayers for the rest of our F3 brothers.  Numbers seem to be down but hopefully that’s only due to lack of posting numbers on slack and not lack of actually posting.

Naked Moleskin:

The Cat Box BD’s and these gentlemen continue to push each other both physically and spiritually.  I find myself wishing we would have BD’s on our days off…although, my body probably could not handle the punishment.  Ha.

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