AO: Homeboy Sucks

When: 04/21/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Cleaver, Hank Hill, LawDog, The Mole,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

The work out of the Day was the Killer B. Man that one sucked during the Iron Pax no way we are doing that this morning…on second though if I add Bells to the B it will suck more. Great Idea.

Warmorama consisted of SSH, Weedpickers, Michael Phelps, Sungods, IW, merkins, and squats.

The Killer B.

10 Burpees, 10 Bonnie Blairs, 10 Big Boys, 10 Broad Jumps.

Bell and Rope Tabata

40 seconds on, 5 second transition.

Shoulder Press with the Bell for 40 seconds, 5 seconds, Jump Rope 40 Seconds, 5 sec. curls 40 sec, 5 sec, jump rope 40 sec, kettlebell swings 40 sec, jump rope 40 seconds.

We rotated between the killer B and the Bell and Rope Tabata only changing up kettlebell work includingg Maktar bell drags, up right rows, bendover rows, but always had swings as the 3rd exercise.

We finished the last killer be with enought time to end the Beatdowns with a Zamparini Tabata. Zamperini your bell for 40 secs. Rest for 5 and back up with the Zamperini over and over until 6:45.

Countarama, Nameorama, and COT

Prayers for all our leaders, local, state and national, to guide the country through the next several weeks with wisdom.  Prayers for F3 to continue reaching more men. And prayers for work.

Nakedman Moleskin:

Cleeeeaver does not want the Matrix to end. But if it does, he has his route planned to hit Woodstock locations by 5:30 and back on the Road to Peachtree City by start of Work.  YHC think Cleaver will have F3Peachtree City up and running in no time and before you know it, there will be rows of golf carts in all the parks and schools at 5:30.

Hank Hill joined us from the Fire station.  I don’t think it was for us. I think the calendar photographer wanted to get Hank Hill a little pumped and swetty for next years Mr. August.  He is working his way to December and moved up a rank in Woodstock since Matchstick is now in Cobb.

Aparently the Mole got so excited watching the Last Dance that he broke several beer bottles in his garage. He was overcome with excitement watching Jordan take UNC over George Town to win the NCAA championship and got mad when Scottie Pippen became the lowest paid bull of the nineties.  He got the glass swept up in between the warmup and first killer b.

YHC must admit. The matrix has been a good challenge. I have realized I can make my beatdowns suck more and need to work harder. Somehow, a 45 min beatdown on the interweb is harder than the standard routine at a normal beatdown. It probably has something to do with less ability to 2nd F and mumble chatter, but I have a challenge for myself when we get back up and running with no restrictions.

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