AO: The Rock

When: 02/28/2023


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Blue Cheese, Cable Guy, Dr Tron,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Air Bud

BOOM…whip out the tele-strator and draw some unintentional adult images on your big screen…it’s time for John Maddens BOOMIN BEATDOWN!!!

1st & 10x – Imperial Squats (squat directly into an imperial walker)

2nd & 5 – Blurpee (burpee straight into a bonnie blair. shout out @greenmile)

3rd & 1 – stadium run

1st DOWN!

Time to run it up the gut for a big 40yard gain…but there was laundy on the field so…beep beep…back that thang up with a new set of downs!


1st & 10x – Hillbilly Squat (squat into Hillbilly Walkers)

2nd & 5x – Walmart Burpees (see exicon)

3rd & 1 – bearclimb (bear crawl the stadium stairs)

Time for another HUGE 40 yard gain but dagnabbit…the pesky yellow flag was thrown! Backpeddal to line of scrimmage and start again.

time for 1 last play…a HAIL MARY!

  • RUN to 10 yard line, 10 SSH
  • Run to 20 yard line, 20 SSH
  • repeat until 50 yard line…then do the same going back 50,40,30,20, & 10



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