AO: Phoenix

When: 05/22/2020


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Aquaman, Babyface, LawDog,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

With all the chatter and nonsense on slack every now and then it does save you butt.  YHC completely forgot about Q responsibilities at El Pheonix this week until it was mentioned in a post.  Luckily, YHC never really plans beatdowns past the first few minutes so not a lot a prep work needed. Plus I always had my eye on the stone wall next to the Al Gore tree, so that needed to be incorporated.

Warmarama was pretty simple. run around, grab a rock, run with the rock, not start with SSHs because that’s not a requirement instead did IW, WP, SG, and MPs.

Routine 1: 10 Rock Squat Thrusters at the entrance, run to the stone wall by the Al Gore Tree for 10 Step-Ups. 3 rounds.

Routine 2: 10 Lunges with a rock twist at the entrance, run to the stone wall for 10 derkins. 3 rounds.

Run with your rock to the other entrance with the big incline.

Routine 3: 10 Genuines at the bottom run to the top for staggered merkins, 4 rounds.

Time to get rid of the Rocks.

Routine 4: Lt. Dans but with Merkins instead of squats because its merkin may challenge.  1 merkin, 4 lunges, 2 merkins, 8 lunges, until 10 merkins and 40 lunges.

Back to the flag for 10 of each, diamond merkins, ranger merkins, merkins, werkins and finish with some mary.

Name O Rama

COT – F3 is the best part of my day right now. All this Corona is starting to wear on me. Hopefully we learn lessons and move on soon.

It was great to workout with Aquaman and Babyface. Has it really been 3 years that we have worked out in Cherokee together.  Great times lots of fun.

The Lt. Dan was going to be Merkins with 4 count bear crawl, but Babyface said you don’t know what the Thursday Throwdown is. He was not joking. You can look a man in the eye and know if he is joking. Don’t believe me. Look Bloodhound in the eye. That’s right, that’s the look of a man not joking and after all these years Babyface learned from the best so YHC was not afraid to modify. Turns out, I got busy with family stuff and a suprise drive by visit from DoSiDo and time got away from me so I missed out on the Thursday Throwdown this week.

If you are wondering what an Al Gore tree is, its the one and only pine tree at Rev Church. An arborist raised a little fuss about how unique of a pine tree it is, so the Church re worked the plans for the parking lot to keep the tree. I don’t get it, Growing up in South GA we have plenty of pine trees, but apparently this one is more rare hear so the Al Gore types fought the fight to save the enviroment. Glad they did just because it does look cool.

Geppetto was asleep. He came in on two wheels last week and slept in this week. Oh Well, happens to the best of us. Maybe he will post at the witch for the murph.

Don’t forget the Murph on Monday. Several locations see the C4NN channel for details.

Aquaman said the league sucks but he does not think he can quit now that Manning has shown up because its too entertaining watching Manning ultimate.


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