AO: Black Ops

When: 01/08/2022


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: P-body, pax 1, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: short circuit

Pax 1 = Python, sc’s 2.0

A cold but sunny morning at River Green

Intro:  sc is trying to help his 2.0 stay active instead of staring at a screen on Sat morning.  Tutu (sc’s 8yo girl) has dance in RG on Saturdays.  So sc and Python are running, whether he likes it or not.

sc put out the call for a Sat morning 9am run and the amazing Peabody answered the call.  He was waiting at the Heritage Club as we pulled up to drop Tutu off.  Two of us is just a father/son run. Three of us is BLACKOPS!!

sc and son, Python have done this a few times before and Python is Never initially excited about doing it BUT he always feels better, stronger and proud of himself when we’re done.  Today with another 2.0 along, Python ran (and talked) most of our route.  Peabody was Clearly pushing him and, on occasion, vice versa.

The Thang:  We headed out of Heritage and passed RS to do the normal 5am pre-run route – 2.25 miles.  When we got back to RS the watch said 2.6 miles, since we started at Heritage Club.  Couldn’t be a half a mile away from a 5k and not DO IT!  The Q called for more, Peabody eagerly accepted and Python reluctantly did the same.  Python couldn’t believe the car was that way and we were running away from it.

Pop-up 5k with the boyz in the bookz.

Washed it down with WaHo on Marietta Hwy.  Well deserved.

NMM:  The best part for sc (dad) was walking up the major and minor hills along the route and seeing Peabody and Python running on ahead, pushing one another up the hills.  Couldn’t be a more proud and thankful dad.  I can externally encourage and cajole him but when there’s internal motivation, we all do a lot more than we would otherwise.  Thank you Peabody for continuing to be a High Impact Male!

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