AO: Oz

When: 12/12/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Blowpop, Hustler,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler

Baby-Gloves Beat Down

Hustler brought his famous baby gloves, which Ringpop covets, and we were off… Mosey a bit. Warmups with SSHs, CH Squats, CH Merkins, Moon Gods and Phelps. Whoops, forgot Weddpickers — that’s a first.


Wheelbarrow CH 11s

Partner up. 10 CH squats, wheelbarrow the other guy to the other side of the field. 1 CH merkin, in cadence. Wheelbarrow the other guy back. 9 CH squats, in cadence, etc. Wheelbarrows suck.


Burpees, outlaws, merks, Bonnies and squats.

1 Burpee, run, 1 burpee and 1 outlaw, run… rinse and repeat.

Dealer’s Choice with Am hammers, flutters, CH merks until time. Whew.

We prayed for our friends and family who have health problems, gratitude in general for blessings given, and other things.

Chicken Fight and Ringpop recited Psalm 1. Excellent psalm.

Wonderful coffeteria with Blowpop talking about God in our lives and about the meetup at his house Weds to talk about the book, ‘Jesus and The Jewish Roots of Mary.” Can’t wait!







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