AO: Kodiak

When: 11/04/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Dory, Swisher, White Claw,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Miyagi

Well, elections are fun (said no one in the last 20 years or so!), but at least we can still get out in the gloom and effect change!


With that in mind, YHC took the Pax on a voting tour (Chicago-style:  vote early, vote often!).   After a mosey and some typical warm-ups, we started the tour.    At each voting location, the Pax had to make a choice.  Some were easy, some were difficult.  The good news is, each Pax was in control of their vote.

Polling Location 1:  25 Burpees OR 50 Mountain Climbers (Kodiak Count)   Wait for the 6 to finish, and off to

Polling Location 2:  75 Merkins OR 50 Derkins.  Wait for 6, and then move on to

Polling Location 3:  75 Squats OR Bolt 45’s.  Wait for 6, load up the Here Comes the Vote Bus and go to

Polling Location 4:  100 SSH OR 50 Bonnie Blairs (Kodiak Count).   Wait for 6, hop on the train, and continue on to

Polling  Location 5:  100 BBS OR 50 Boxcutters.

Since we were honoring the Windy City and it’s political shenanigans, we felt it only appropriate to repeat the cycle:  maximize the voting potential of our wee group!

We repeated the tour, this time changing our votes at each polling station because we didn’t like the results we were getting.  Ideally, we would have ended up in a tie, requiring a tie-breaker vote at the end.   Unfortunately, we had to cut our last visit to Polling Location 5 a little short due to time, so we avoided a run-off.

Getting back to the flag with about 20 seconds left, we had a mini-Mary and ended right on time.

The Pax, as always, pushed hard and though it wasn’t a difficult tour, the exercises provided a decent cleanse of the morass of voting in 2020.   Great work by all!

Finished with the CoT and some inspiring brown gold from Cafe Dory!

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