When: 12/21/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: BFace, Kernel, Moonshine, Recharge, Royale, Straight Jacket, Sunshine, Yukon Cornelius,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Royale, Kernal

QIC: short circuit

Non-DORA the AO Explora

New AO so the goal is to explore (some) of what the AO has to offer.  And get a little work in if we can.

Intro:  Second week of UCLA recon, pre-launch and 9 PAX strong including 2 FNG locals!!  Disclaimer given and F.O.O.P.COT principles delivered.  Encouragement to ”

Warm-o-rama:  cold morning mandated many SSHs IC, Willie Mays IC for the running ahead, Weedpickers IC, Michael Phelps OYO and Arch Worm Merkins for good measure.

The Planned Thang:  YHC goal was to explore the UCLA Hamilton Crossing Park site.  Or as it turned out – part of it.  Plan was a classic pearls-on-a-string morning with multiple laps around one section of the park and ONE AMRAP station at the traffic circle for each lap.  Then YHC looked at the overhead map of the park, drew out the route and found that just part of the park was 1+ miles.  Modify!  Shooting for 2 times around with 4 stations at ¼ mile intervals.  Roughly calculated the estimated Time required for that and… MODIFY!  Ended up with 3 pain stations around the loop and let’s just see how many times we can make it around…

The Actual THANG:  3 pain stations around a 1+ mile loop with 4 exercises at each that will be AMRAP for 1 minute each exercise.  Tabata timer on phone.  Speaker and 90s Alternative tunes rolling.

Station 1 @ Traffic Circle:  Peter Parkers around traffic circle, BBSUs, Std. Squats, Pickle Pointers

Station 2 @ Admin Bldg:  Merkins, WWII SUs, Sumo Squats, Air Presses

Station 3 @ Big Gazebo: Carolina Dry Docks, Monkey Humpers, Crunchy Frogs, Flutter Kicks

Back to Station 1 @ Traffic Circle:  Peter Parkers around traffic circle, BBSUs, Std. Squats, Pickle Pointers

To the flag in time for 2 Minutes of Mary.  Time.

COT:  Thankful for the opportunity to get out of bed, sweat with a few new and old friends and look forward to reaching the men of UCLA and surrounding areas in 2021!

Naked Man Moleskin:  UCLA AO (Hamilton Crossing Park) is a BIG FREAKIN place.  YHC did not know he planned a running BD today.  AO can easily have a pre-run and pre-ruck option down the road (😉).  And the PAX only explored ~ ¼ of it with this BD.  The Site Q says the Park is growing larger.  The best laid plans…. We made it exactly ONE time around and were able to repeat most of the first station exercises at the traffic circle.  The new guys “liked/felt awkward” about the Pickle Pointers and Yukon Cornelius warned the PAX not to look him deep in the eyes during said exercise.  Monkey Humpers are perfect for the Gazebo Main Intersection.  PAX will be there often.  And despite a bum knee, Sunshine KEPT AFTER IT and made it around the loooong loop!  The FNGs were no strangers to PT and put in the work!  They will be accelerating us all very soon.  LET’S GO F3 NoGA!!!!

Welcome to the crazy FNGs – Royale (w/cheese) and Kernal (Sanders)!

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