AO: Peachtree

When: 08/21/2020


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bubbles, Cleaver, Derby, Full Monty, One Shot, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Landline

QIC: short circuit

FNGs present so Core Principles recited, Disclaimo given.

SSH IC, Weedpickers IC, Tumbleweeds IC, Willy Mays IC, Sun Gods OYO, Michael Phelps OYO, Arch Worms Merkins IC
(YHC didn’t get to stretch beforehand soooo Stretch-o-Rama.)

The Thang:
Bunch of AWESOME new guys as a mustard seed and Cherokee has been holding Q school so YHC decided Peachtree needed a mini-Q school.  Used Chops’s format from back in May at the Den and set up the 4 corners of the parking lot with cards at each corner with 3 exercises on each card for each PAX to lead a set of exercises.  Led in order of longevity with F3 after YHC kicked off the first corner.  Practiced calling exercise, deciding on the reps, leading group and counting – single, double, 4 or 8 count.

Remember: Don’t Q it unless you can do it!  (But push yourself to do it!)

[short circuit] Corner 1 (chest) – 30 Merkins IC, 30 Plank Jacks (4 count) IC, 30 Mike Tysons IC
Travel long side of parking lot via Side Shuffle with flap jack half way
[Cleaver] Corner 2 (abs) – 50 LBCs OYO, 25 Pregnant Ladies 4 count IC, 10 X-cross Sit-ups (8 count) IC
Travel short side via Crawl Bear
[Full Monty] Corner 3 (shoulders) – 15 Carolina Dry Docks IC, 50 OHClaps IC, 15 Blades of Steel IC
Travel long side via Backwards Run
[Bubbles] Corner 4 (legs) – 50 Squats IC, 50 Lunges 2-count IC, 35 Flutter Kicks 4-count IC
Travel short side via Arch Worms (YHC called an audible about halfway to get to the next corner for more Q practice.)
[Derby] Corner 1 (chest) – 15 Merkins IC, 15 Plank Jacks (4 count) IC, 15 Mike Tysons IC
Travel long side via Side Shuffle, flap jack halfway
[OneShot] Corner 2 (abs) – 50 LBCs OYO, 20 Pregnant Ladies 2 count IC, 10 X-cross Sit-ups (8 count) IC
Travel short side via Crawl Bear.
Called it here at 6:12 since YHC had one more thing planned if it didn’t downpour on the BD.  Collect cards and mosey to the flag.

YHC pulled out phone and speaker and did Merkins to Flower by Moby (on Bring Sally Up).  The PAX Loved it!  So glad to hear that positive mumblechatter. Mission Accomplished.

At exactly 6:15 drops of rain drops could be felt.

Praying for OneShot’s sister Kim, Bubbles’ cousin Laura, young adults getting dropped off at college, students, teachers, parents, administration, marriages, hearts, minds during Covid.


Awesome Morning to have 100% of the Peachtree PAX to show up today!  Plus 1 FNG!
Freakin Cleaver is indwelt with Bear Demon!
Full Monty posting 3 times this week!  And he loves Arch Worms I understand.
GREAT to see Derby back out for some Gloom! So awesome to be working beside you.
Since Bubbles is doing things half”fast” with the bruised rib excuse, he decided to kill the PAX with reps on his corner.  Legs, done.
OneShot leading Q count on his second post! Made it look easy!
Welcome to the crazy, Landline!
For some, counting is Hard.  For all, counting while doing excessive reps is really Hard! We’re all getting better…
Blades of Steel after other shoulder work is harder than one would think.
Peachtree PAX are STUDS! Leading timed 2nd and 3rd time posting. Showing up in the gloom with the threat of rain and lighting.

Looking forward to Monday!

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