AO: Flight Deck

When: 10/12/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Black Swan, Blowfish, Code yellow, Revlon, Test Tube,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Code Yellow

After a short mosey we started w/ a warmorama of 15 SSH IC, 12 Imperial Walkers IC, 6 WP IC, Sun Gods OYO, and Michael Phelps OYO.

The Thang:

We began the beatdown with a 7 of diamonds circuit. We had 4 cones to mark out our “diamond.” At each cone we would perform a workout till we made it back around and began the next exercise. Each round of the first 4 rounds increased reps by 7, the last 3 went down. The PAX at Flight Deck held a squat or plank for the 6 at each cone so our crew moved in unison from each cone to the next. The reps looked like this:

Burpees 7 at each cone (28 total)

Merkins 14 at each cone (56 total)

Flutter Kicks 21 at each cone (2 for 1 count, 84 total)

Squats 28 at each cone (112 total)

Alternating Shoulder Taps 21 at each cone (2 for 1 count, 84 total)

American Hammers 14 at each cone (2 for 1 count, 56 total)

Mountain Climbers 7 at each cone (2 for 1 count, 28 total)

Having completed the 7 of Diamonds circuit we immediately found some coupons and performed a round of 11 with coupon shoulder presses at one end and squats w/ a coupon at the other. We traveled from end to end rifle carrying our coupons. Completing the full circuit resulted in 55 total overhead presses and 55 more squats, all with our trusty coupons.

Once again the PAX of Flight Deck performed admirably and completed the 11 circuit with time for a full 6 minutes of Mary. 25 Freddie Mercuries IC, 25 Box Cutters IC, 2 minutes of 6 inches IC (complements of Blowfish), and 20 Monkey Humpers IC.

We ended in a COT and prayed together.

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