AO: Peachtree

When: 09/11/2020


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bic, Bubbles, Buffet, Emerald, Flat Stanley, Landline, Short Circuit,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: U-Haul

QIC: short circuit

No FNGs (at first) so brief disclaimo while Bubbles gets his gloves.

Warm-o-rama: SSH IC, Weed Pickers IC, Tumbleweeds IC, Sun Gods OYO.
FNG! Welcome! (Apparently Bic is not the best directions guy cause we Know it’s not the FNGs fault.)
A few more warmers for FNG – Michael Phelps OYO and Arch Worm Merkins.
Extended Disclaimer for the FNG.

Mosey to the back Soccer Field. As always, watch the mud.

The Thang: PAX can thank Derby for this one. On Monday at IPCw2 he asked how long the track was. Well, let’s find out.

Partner up. 4 Pain Stations around the Oval Track (OPP). Two exercises at most, each partner do one and then flapjack. Rotate through twice at each station. And in between stations run the oval track 1+ times to the next station. IF any PAX at next station, shove them off.

Station 1: 10 chin-ups on soccer goals w partner assist. Flapjack. Two times each.
Station 2: 20 bench step ups and 20 bench dips. Flapjack x 2
Station 3: 30 Coupon Curls and Coupon Tricep Extension. FJ x2
Station 4: 40 Merkins and 40 BBSU. FJ x2

CoT: Peachtree Convergene Sat 9/26 at 8am. Prayers for pastor Heath Lambert in Jacksonville and his brain surgery scheduled for 9/18. Prayers for schools, kids, teachers, moms, dads, staff. Prayers for Full Monty’s tooth ache, the future PAX of Peachtree, Cleaver and others traveling.

*Emerald may have an anger problem. Fortunately, it’s not with people but may be with cinder blocks. (Or maybe he was trying to create another Derby cinder…)
*Unplanned but Bic got partnered with his FNG. Probably good. But YHC heard and observed a lot of friend talk. Maybe bad. Don’t want to start em soft Bic!
*Buffet and YHC don’t like to run. Good partner up.
*Flat Stanley again is the stallion of the Peachtree PAX. Showing up ALL the younger PAX.
*And Landline consistently posts and puts in hard work. Thank you brother!

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