AO: Peachtree

When: 10/12/2020


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Brunswick, Bubbles, Calamine, Cleaver, Derby, Emerald, Flat Stanley, One Shot, Short Circuit, Slap, Wide right,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Dumas

QIC: short circuit

(and Deuce2 and R-rated are not quite in the list yet)

FNG in Peachtree so full disclaimo including requisite corny joke about getting your money back…

Warm-o-Rama:  (no side straddle hops on purpose) Weedpickers IC, Tumbleweeds IC, Sun Gods OYO, Arch Worm Merkins

The Thang:  the Millenial – the goal is to do 2000 as a group, 100 reps of 10 exercises and 10 x 100 m runs, 1st PAX to 100 reps calls AYE! and all PAX are done with that round, run.

Ran to get coupons = 100 m warm-up run
100 SSHs – 100 m run
100 Lunges, 50 each leg – 100 m run
100 Merkins (this sucked, again) – 100 m run
100 LBCs – 100 m run
100 Mountain climbers, Kodiak Count (2s) – 100 m run
100 Flutter kicks, Kodiak Count (2s) – 100 m run
100 Air presses – 100 m run
100 Squats – 100 m run
Was supposed to be 100 Burpees but modified them to 50 Burpees and 50 Curls for girls with coupons
Made it through and then rifle carry coupons back to the foxhole

(and if you are a stickler for details or going to use this BD, YHC’s weinke written on his arm was rubbing off and he couldn’t make out “Oblique crunches” at the 9th slot.  So the Peachtree PAX missed out on a COMPLETE beatdown.  I know them all and when (if) they read this they’ll youtube oblique crunches and do 100 of them, 50 each side, RIGHT NOW!)

COT:   Prayers for those PAX that will be or are traveling, Calamine’s M and family, local resident father who died suddenly, Deuce’s dad who’s body has rejected a lung transplant

Naked Man Moleskin:  Great to see more new faces in Peachtree!  One Shot showed us all up again by posting 30 min “late”.  That’s almost better than 5:30.  That’s dedication and commitment.  Many lesser men would’ve just gotten back in bed or checked their email with coffee.  But not HIM.  EmeralD had a goal to beat Cleaver on a round and I think I heard an AYE from that “gem” of a man.  Deuce2 and R-rated getting busy out there pushing those younger PAX.  Welcome aboard the Crazy Train Dumas!


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