AO: Other

When: 05/19/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Daddy Daycare, High Ball, Hooch, Stopwatch,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hooch

Pickaxe (2.0) and I fired up the Zoom Zooms at 0557 and were soon joined by Daddy Daycare, Stopwatch, and Highball for 45 minutes of hard work.

15-Minute Warm-o-Rama: (best I can remember… something like this)
10 Weed Pickers, Windmills, Goofballs
7 Dancing Bears
50 SSH
20 Merkins
60 LBC
15 Finger Tip Merkins
50 Squats
40 Alt. Shoulder Taps
15 Imperial Walkers
15 Chuck Norris Merkins
30 Alt. Lunges
20 Merkins
40 Flutter Kicks
15 Finger Tip Merkins
40 Monkey Humpers
15 Chuck Norris Merkins

6 Minutes – Run as far as you can. 3 min out, 3 min back, then AMRAP merkins and squats until the six is in.  YHC got in 10 of each. Pickaxe almost threw up, but his stomach was empty.  Except for that good ol’ bitter stomach acid you taste when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.  Proud of my boy.  He is recovered now after an hour or two of rehydration and rest!

Finished ourselves off with a Pyramid of Pain – rounds of increasing rep counts from 1-12, then back down to 1.  Most effective three stationary exercises in my opinion, so I bring them often: Merkins, Squats, BBS.  This was painful and awesome.  The men pushed hard and did not take any rests, leaving us with three minutes.

Scattershot to seal the deal:  Highball called 5 inch-worm merkins, Stopwatch with 15 American Hammers, and Daddy Daycare gave us 15 side-view, R-rated Pickle Pointers that would have made his momma blush.  Excellent work, my brothers.

Thankful for the opportunity to share the gloom with my F3 brothers and especially grateful for their welcoming my oldest son, Pickaxe, into the fold.  We are praying for our effectiveness as leaders in our homes and community.  We are lifting up our bro, Hard Hittin as he gets back on his feet.

Go make it a great day, men.  May the sweat equity you put into this mornings workout pay dividends in your circle of influence this day and many more to come.  Peace and love.

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