AO: Pineapple Express

When: 02/05/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Lucky Charms, Oddjob, Seaman, Turtlehead,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LuckyCharms

The BackBlast:

Show up early and plug inthe coffee pot. Remembered fresh water today, no need to hit the urinal. Stretch OYO.  Cars start to roll in and we have a quorum.  Let’s run.

First thing we do is attempt a new entrance to the dirt, up the front hill thru a briar patch and into the suck.  23 minutes out, 22 minutes back.  Lots of roots, mud and time for baby blue. Yada, yada – we did 3.5 miles and Seaman didn’t die.

Prayers for Sharapova’s family.

i think we will name the new briar entrance hill Manning since it’s not too pretty to look at, a bit sloppy with its appearance and brought some misery to the pax with its thorny touch.

Turtlehead visited the Pineapple for the 2nd time, but his first time actually getting his feet dirty.  Listen TH, this will probably be a lot like your other first time – lots of bumps in the road, we might get lost and at the end no one is gonna be too pleased. Also, pulling into a dark parking lot at 515am all slow and creepy might not be too cool since you are pretty much driving the pedo starter kit van.  Be safe my friend!

Seaman brought his mumble chatter and new sneakers to the Pineapple.  I know we mentioned the new shoes last week but he made sure Turtlehead knew they were new, expensive and magically were shipped to his house after he put them in his amazon cart, so I thought they deserved to be mentioned again. And the mumble chatter ain’t nothing new either. Only thing good about him and a running AO is he’s too winded to chat much for 45 minutes.  Bad news is he tries to make up for it in the 10 minutes we all have for coffee.  Love ya bro!

and then there was Oddjob. How I imagine his night went. After getting off work and selecting his tinder victim,  I mean date for the night, he was stumbling thru slack and saw homeboy was having a meat party.  He asked her to go and she declined and said that wasn’t her bag.  Bummed and depressed he put on his favorite smedium Travis manion shirt and hit the town.  Yada, yada he woke up somewhere and barreled into the pineapple on 2 wheels after she kicked him out of bed.

until next time


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