AO: Phoenix

When: 05/14/2020


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Geppetto, LawDog, Twiggy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Geppetto


Freeballing this BB since it seems that this is just a blank space to type in. QIC arrived at 5:29 (right on time) after a frantic search for truck keys.


Mosey to the far side of Revolution and circle the parking area, triangle up for :

Copperhead Squats IC

Windmills IC

and Sungods (windmills/circles/things…they were called many things except the correct name but the point was made) Routine was explained during the exceptionally long sungod warmup.

The Thang:

With YHC planning this BD late last night I dug through the #1stF channel and came across The 100. BD was as follows with a few modifications to keep the mumblechatter happening.

100 – SSH

90-Mountain Climbers

Short lap around the church

80 – LBC’s

70 – Walking Lunges (really just lunged around the parking area and back ~70)

60 – Merkins (and so it begins)

50 – Squats

Short lap around the church

40 – LBC’s

30 – SSH’s

20 – Merkins (80 total so far)

10 – Burpees (90 Merkins so far)

5 – Merkins (95 Merkins)

1 lap down the entrance and back up the other entrance to the church. Upon our way back YHC saw the retaining wall that The Mole used and thought some up/downs would be good. Start in plank right hand on face of wall left hand on face of wall both hands down =1 Repeat for 10

Find the pergola and performed 10 dips and 5 pullups, while LawDog breaks the beautiful bench and proceeds to just run away.

Back to The 100 just SSH this time.

At the flag we killed a little time with 30-sec of butkus and plank walk on the curb until YHC thinks of something else.

Something Else is as follows:

parking spot 1 = 5 merkins

Parking Spot 2 you cannot walk or run through movements were either Lunge walk, Bear crawl, or broad jump.

Parking spot 3 =10 merkins

Repeat all the way to 30 merkins total for today was 210 and in the eyes of Twiggy…why not just do 500 your already almost there. uhh sure have fun with that.



The 3 of us had a lot of discussion about the state of the world and everything going on, I love these smaller groups where you can just talk about everything and anything, specially since I haven’t seen these men in weeks (well, in person at least). We prayed about all the decision makers, giving us the strength to get out, and thanks for the situation we are all in where we can still be helpful to others in our community. Guys, don’t forget that this community still needs us and theres a lot of work to do!

Reach out to guys, get them out, YHC needed this today, I have been slacking lately. Nobody has ever left a BD wishing they didn’t show up.



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