When: 04/15/2019


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gut Check

The BackBlast:



Pax Names:

Trust Fall, Goat Milk, Mandals, Bandcamp, Homer, Hooch, Stopwatch, Sgt Slaughter, Vespa, Dizzy, Matchstick, Lifestyles, Gut Check

Number of Pax:


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“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” — Benjamin Franklin

It’s Tax Day! The day we all think we won the lottery when we file our returns. The joy of finding out you’re getting a refund!

YHC is out today to remind the PAX that while they worked hard and paid their taxes, their government took more vacation days and fivolously spent that tax money interest-free. Only to repay a small bit of it to us in the form of a “refund.”

13 men showed up for their refunds!


It can be hard to determine the correct amount of money to pay in, how many deductions to take, or how much stretching is allowed during the warm-o-rama. No stretching here.
Mosey around the based on the amphitheater with a quick turn back down the stairs. All the stretching we're going to get.
27 Imperial Billies IC (16 Imperial Walkers then 11 Hillbillies)
10 Burpees IC. Yes. Full stop. Wait for Q's count. No speed burpees today.

It's at this point Trust Fall bids an Irish goodbye and bails. Dude has been sick for almost two weeks. Posted (Props) but just isn't back yet.

The Thang:

Work > Taxes > Refund > Death
Such is the sad clown's life. There is no LIFE in such a pattern. Unless you use the pattern to bring forth life from tired men's souls.
50 Merkins > Bear Crawl Up the Sidewalk > Run back > Burpees for the 6 > 25 Merkins
100 LBCs > Bear Crawl Up the Sidewalk > Run back > Burpees for the 6 > 50 LBCs
150 Squats > Bear Crawl Up the Sidewalk > Run back > Burpees for the 6 > 75 Squats
* Coupons (60 lbs sand bags) were provided for those who wanted a better refund.

Ring of Fire:
Plank > 3 PAX do 10 Coupon pulls with Sand Bags > Rotate clockwise till all PAX do 10 Coupon Pulls
Air Chair > 3 PAX do 10 Coupon squats with Sand Bags > Rotate clockwise till all PAX do 10 Coupon Squats
Pickle Pounders > 3 PAX do 20 Monkey Humpers (over the sandbag) > Rotate clockwise till all PAX do 20 Monkey Humpers

Catch me if you can:
Groups of 4. 2 Pax share a Sand Bastard (yes, that is their new name). On GO PAX run till caught by other 2 PAX who just did 10 Merkins.
One group got all the way to the Gazebo and another got all the way to the Back parking lot. Everyone laughed their a**es off!


Prayers for Dizzy's exciting work opportunities. Prayers for Stopwatch's daughter's boyfriend who went to church for the first time in 15 years on Sunday. Prayers PAX who know loved ones battling cancer. Thanks to the LORD that we are able-bodied and choose to get out and suffer together. God is making us great men!

Naked Man Moleskin:

I'm the son of an accountant, and I was born the day after Tax Day. My son is the grandson of an accountant, and he was born the day after Tax Day. I like to think my Dad got some pretty sweet tax refunds. This is a pretty cool time of the year for me.

But I don't like that our current government leaders trivialize our taxes and frivolously spend our money. And then they make us think that it's some great thing that we get a "refund" because we "overpaid."

So, today, we worked really hard, paid our dues and our taxes, and then got "refund" in the form of more of the same exercise. All the while Uncle Sam won! But we were the true Americans today!

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