AO: Wicked Witch

When: 08/09/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Auntie Em, Breezy, Brimstone, Tide Pods,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Brimstone

4 ruckers showed up in the gloom in the backwoods of the Witch today for an eventful morning! Hombre left us in the dust and rejoined the runners this morning, so we were left to navigate the trails for ourselves.


From startex we started down yellow and made a quick stop at the pull-up station. We each picked a pull-up bar, with Auntie Em hesitantly finding his. Because he took so long, he ended up with the shortest one. Being at least 7 feet tall, he could stand on the ground and reach the bar.

We started with knee raises in cadence, then dropped for some arm circles and Michael Phelps. We hopped back up on the bar to see who could dead hang the longest. Auntie Em’s feet didn’t leave the ground. Breezy used this time as an opportunity to “find his gloves.” Which left Tide Pods and me to duke it out. I blame my loss on my wedding band digging into my finger. And the fact that Tide Pods weighs 90lbs.

The Thang!

From the pull-up station we continued down yellow, passed the first bridge, then took an offshoot to the right that took us back down to the bridge. We did 10 incline pull-ups on our own on the bridge. Fortunately for Auntie Em, there was “no more room on the bridge.”

We scaled up the small hill back on the main yellow, and took a right. We took the right offshoot on yellow, and made a loop back around. We made our way back around, and descended into the creek bed, crossed over the raging waters, and the PAX were informed that we were going to scale the mountainside up to red. YHC went first and, with some slippage and the help of a fallen log, made it up the mountain. Tide Pods followed, and in true mountaineer form, made it look easy. This left Auntie Em and Breezy at the bottom, and after several attempts at making it up the now mudslide mountain, decided to “modify” and meet us where the yellow brick road meets red.

Our group reconnected after a short break apart, and we started down the backside of blue toward the swamp. We made our way down blue and connected up with the power line trail. We kept a pretty good pace, and made it back to the empty site of the old barn with some time for some PT. There was an old truck tire laying around that would be perfect for tire flips. Auntie Em and Tide Pods planked it up on one side, and Brimstone and Breezy headed toward the tire. We made sure to take our time to put our gloves in to give Auntie Em and Tide Pods some more time to work on their abs. Breezy and Brimstone took turns flipping the tire all the way to Auntie Em and Tide Pods, then we went back to the start to plank while Tide Pods and Auntie Em brought the tire back to us.

We still had a little bit of time before Endex, so YHC was inspired to incorporate a picture he saw from the GrowRuck this weekend and do a partner carry. We carried Tide Pods (because he is for sure the lightest) back to Startex just in time to join the runners for some Mary. Hombre put us all to shame with his light speed big boys. Closed out with a combined Floppy led COT and coffeeteria.

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