When: 12/22/2018


Number of Pax: 0

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


DATE: 12/22/2018

WHERE: Special – Canton

THE PAX: Légionnaire, Hard Hitten, Misty, Ricky Bobby, Grylls, Homeboy. Dory, Good Hands, Hank Hill, Yogi, Westside, Hooch, Huggie Bear, Carmen SanDiego, Gut Check, Dixie Chick, Hartford, SGT Slaughter, Quaqmire, Kiffin, Matchstick, Bloodhound (Cadre), Babyface (Cadre), The Mole (Photo’s)

Total # of PAX: 24

Number of FNGs: 0

QIC: Cadre Tim and Cadre Tony



Back in the middle
of October 2018, Tony and I had talked about the idea of putting together an
event for the Men of F3 Cherokee that would include some walking with weighted
pack on our backs, and carrying a bunch of heavy stuff around for no apparent
reason in the middle of the night. We initially were looking for at least 10
pax to sign up to this little experiment called the “Cherokee Challenge”, I was
very surprised when we got more than double that. To be clear, the 21 men who SIGNED
UP, TRAINED, SHOWED UP, and COMPLETED the first ever “Cherokee Challenge”, YOU ALL


they got warm. We started at exactly 00:00 with a PT test consisting of a round

25 Hand Release Burpee Jump

¾ mile run

25 Hand Release Burpee Jump

¾ mile run


was the only individual event we did all night. Homeboy finished out on top and
won the coveted “Kodiak Christmas Ornament”, for which he had to carry around
all night and not break. Mission accomplished


Once complete we went over a few rules and broke everyone down into a Platoon with four squads. We then handed out the evenings coupons, which included:

3 60# sandbags

2 5 gallon water cans

2 20# sections of 6-foot pipe

1 rescue litter

1 bag of webbing

1 ammo can

1 Kodiak wooden sign

1 Team supplied 25# rope

We rucked over to Etowah River Park for some Combat drills, “I’m up, I’m seen, I’m down across the field with a few simulated casualties. From here, we headed out to Boling Park to find the Yule Logs that were calling their names. After some instructions, they went off into the woods to pull out their last two coupons for the day. Who is up for some log drills? We took the logs over to the Boy Scout Bridge and they were instructed to get them across the creek without getting themselves wet. If this was completed in time, they were given the choice to leave one of the logs behind for another day. Remarkably, they chose to take the heavier of the two back across the creek. We soon made it back to the parking lot under their allotted time again and were given the choice to discard four coupons. The next movement was to take their beloved new best coupon back into Canton and show it the sites. The men got resourceful and lashed the two sections of pipe to the log for some added handling points. They made their way to the Waleska Road, Etowah River bridge was the beloved Yule log took a flying leap into the high flowing Etowah River. From here, we moved back to our original meeting spot for a quick tunnel of love, where it was noticed that a few of the men were not wearing belts, awkward. In total, we rucked for 10+ Miles.


all grouped up where, six hours ago, we were all standing, joking, and getting
ready to start on this little adventure we called the Cherokee Challenge. 

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Who would have thought that after such a short time, F3 Cherokee has grown to be what it is today. Helping the community and making better men. This has been a great trip for me and I am thankful that Babyface invited me out to my first workout about three years ago. I am not sure the exact date we thought about making “Rucking” an official part of F3 Cherokee but I believe it was sometime in May 2018. This has been a great option for those who do not like to run and would rather walk and talk with their fellow men while carrying a weighted pack on their back. We have opened this up to everyone, wife’s, 2.0’s, friends, and family. We have joined forces with the GORUCK community as well to consistently challenge this awesome group to get out and see what they can accomplish. It is my goal and mission to challenge every man reading this to deepen his pool and see how far down we can take it. This was the first in what I hope will be many Challenges thrown down by the men of F3 Cherokee. It was my pleasure to plan and execute today’s mission with the assistance of my neighbour and good Friend, Tony AKA Babyface. Stay tuned for the next challenge coming in June 2019.

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