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An evolution of the existing region logo, keeping the Cherokee Indian symbols and pine covered hills. I encased everything in a circle to emulate an official city or state emblem. I also included a compass showing the 4 directions to support all the areas of Cherokee F3. The 3 stars represent the 3 Fs. The lines around the border of the circle represent the PAX assembled in the COT. The

For the F3 CHEROKEE text I used a modern font and customized it to make it a bit "nastier".

Good luck!


7 point star is official symbol of the Cherokee Nation. There were 8 clans before the Bear clan was removed or combined leaving Aniwahya (Wolf Clan or Panther Clan), Ani Tsiskwa (Small Bird Clan or Eagle Clan), Anikawi (Deer Clan or Bison Clan), Anigilohi (Twister Clan or "Long Hair" Clan), Anisahoni (Blue Clan or Blue Holly Clan), Anigatogewi (Wild Potato Clan or Tobacco Clan), Aniwodi (Red Paint Clan).

I think we should evolve this version to include some meaning Cherokee language words including small on the points of the star
ᏅᏏᎾᏒ - Ability (rough translation for Fitness)
ᎤᎾᎵᎪᎯ - Fellowship
ᎪᎯᏳᏗ - Faith
ᏏᏓᏁᎸᎯ - Family
ᎢᎬᏱ - First
ᎦᎫᏍᏓᎥ - Foundation
ᎢᎪᎯᏓᏊᎨᏒ - Forever




Trying to keep elements of the original logo as to not abandon our identity. Top portion of the shield is Kennesaw Mtn...


Original F3 logo - to keep F3 Cherokee connected to F3 Nation
Flag Background & shovels - Shovel flags where every PAX starts
Eagle Feathers - to tie to Cherokee
Coupons - something we use that others wouldn't understand


Indian theme

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