Project Spearhead 2019 in Upon us!

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Starts June 3rd 2019 and ends August 31st 2019arrowhead with the text spearhead challenge 2019
1st F:  Get Stronger – post at least 3 times per week for the entire duration of the event. Post 5 times somewhere you do not usually post. VQ or Q at least twice
2nd F:  Strengthen your fellowship – Attend at least 2 2nd F events. Attend at least 3 coffeeterias.  Bring 1 FNG and/or a Kotter
3rd F:  Faith – make an impact.  Participate in two 3rd F opportunities. This can be a study of religious text, community service project or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests. Read one book on leadership (200 + pages). Plan a special date night with your M (no kiddos)
Participate in at least 1 CSAUP event.  (This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, etc)

*$10 fee to be paid prior to starting – Venmo: @IrishBrianDuncan (put F3 Name, Hospital name, and Region)

Patch will be earned by all those who successfully complete the challenge

Honor system

In addition, those who are successful will have the opportunity to purchase a custom F3 Mudgear shirt similar to the 2018 shirt

spearhead 2018 shirt


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Tracking Doc Template:

Tracking Sheet

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