F3 Cherokee Free Homebound Concierge Service

How does this work?

Submit the below form, and we will identify someone in our F3 Cherokee Group that lives near you. That person will receive your information and contact you to arrange the requested help.

We are primarily picking up online orders for food and prescriptions. The F3 member will go to the store on your behalf and bring the items to your home. They will either meet you at their car or at the front door. We ask that you have someone to help you from your door to the interior of your home. The F3 member should not enter your home.

We cannot guarantee that we will have someone available, however, F3 Cherokee has over 600 members in Cherokee County.

Who is eligible?

We ask that only those at high risk of COVID-19 take part in this program.

Who/What is F3 Cherokee?

F3 Cherokee members are men in the community who exercise together in free peer lead workouts. We are a group of men wanting to volunteer to help our neighbors where possible.

Homebound Concierge Service Request