The Crucible 2.0

THE CRUCIBLE 2.0:5 Beatdowns
12 miles of running/rucking0500- 20-minute bd hosted by WSR with rucks.
0520-0525.  Get ready for the run. Load rucks in someone’s vehicle. Brady Bunch did this last year, but we may need to find another mule this time.
0525 – run to apex. Ruckers go straight to Hobgood.
0555- 20 minute bd hosted by the apex
0615- run to Hobgood
0645- Run back and pick up ruckers if they are not at Hobgood yet.
0700-0800 three-way split between the arena, WarTowne, woodshed.
0805-Until. Everyone ruck back to the clinic together.  20 minutes bd when we get back hosted by the clinic.

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