GrowRuck 31 – The Tomahawk

Early in the growth of F3 Nation, Dredd and OBT developed GrowSchool as a way to teach the men of F3 Nation the principles and skills that helped them inspire a movement that spread across the gloom of America to invigorate male community leadership. Still, they knew something was missing.

They realized how important CSAUP events are to the growth of F3 as an organization, the Regions that men flock to, and even the individual leaders who participate in these Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless events. They realized that participating in a Rucking CSAUP with the opportunity to immediately apply the skills learned from the F3 GrowSchool solidifies the principles that allow High Impact Men to harden the principles learned in themselves, like iron on a forge.

GrowRuck is a weekend-long event that combines F3 GrowSchool with a Rucking CSAUP event to immediately apply F3 leadership skills. By adding a CSAUP event (which brings a huge dose of 1st and 2nd F) to the GrowSchool experience, F3 Nation aims to catalyze and accelerate a location’s growth and the bonds of brotherhood that form when several regions join together and accomplish a mission.

GrowRucks are ideally suited to F3 locations where they can draw from multiple AOs within driving distance, with the ideal class size being 65-70 participants. Part of the draw for participating in GrowRuck are the connections and 2nd F that forms between regions. That being said, not everyone in an AO or region needs to participate in the Rucking CSAUP event to get something out of GrowRuck, as many of the weekend’s events are open to all PAX. GrowRucks can be coordinated in smaller regions and events can be hosted by individual regions with the right preparation.


While GrowRuck can be customized to fit the needs of each region, the basic format is:

  • Friday night 2ndF Event
  • Saturday AM workout + GrowSchool
  • Saturday PM Rucking CSAUP event (12-14 hours)
  • Sunday AM breakfast

The exact location is still being determined. However, do not let that keep you from adding this event to your calendar. The Pax’s from the last Growruck in our area are still talking about the event 2 years later. Don’t miss this incredible event and opportunity to get stronger in all 3 F’s.

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