New! Submit your counts in Slack

There is a new, streamlined way to submit your counts through Slack. Instead of submitting your count here, you can use the /count command in Slack. Watch the video or see the instructions below for how to submit counts after a beatdown.

Instructions for submitting counts in Slack

Step 1: Go to the beatdown channel in Slack

Open the F3Cherokee Slack (on your phone or desktop) and go to the channel for the beatdown you want to submit counts for.

Step 2: Type the /count Slack command

Type /count and hit enter or tap the Send button

Step 3: Fill out the form

  1. The AO: should be pre-populated with the channel you are in
  2. Workout Date: should be set to Today, but you can change it if you are posting counts for a previous day
  3. The Q(s): Type the name of the Q or Qs for this beatdown. It should autocomplete using Slack usernames
  4. The PAX (In Slack): Tag any PAX that are in Slack
  5. The PAX (Not in Slack): For any PAX that are not in Slack, list their F3 nicknames, separating each PAX nickname with a comma
  6. FNGs: List any FNG nicknames, separating each FNG with a comma

Step 4 (Optional): Write a Backblast

Only the count fields are required. You can optionally write a backblast and give it a title. If you add a Backblast, it will automatically be added to the website.

Step 5: Submit the Form

Once the count form is submitted a summary of your submission will be posted to the channel. Once an hour, PaxMiner will scan the channel and pick it up to record the counts.


How to I edit a count once it has been submitted?

If you need to adjust the count, simply submit a new count. As long as the Q and Workout Date are the same it will revise the count with the latest submission. Note, if you include a Backblast in your count submission, it will be added to the website each time. Reach out to Woody if you need a duplicate removed from the website.

How do I delete a count that was submitted in error?

Reach out to Woody and he can clear out the count.

Can I submit a Backblast after I submit the count?

Yes. If you already submitted a count and just want to submit a backblast, you can use the existing Backblast form here: