AO: Buff

When: 02/11/2020


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Babyface, Cricket, Dig-Em, Manning, Quagmire, The Mole,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Manning

The BackBlast:

Intro: Figured we’d mix it up for The Mole’s official takeover as Site Q at The Buff. Even though nobody actually knew that this was happening…THM redux? Time will tell!

Bumpy start with a poorly lit location on a tilted walkway covered in black slime. BF was hissing at me, and Quaggy (who rolled in late was extra salty and bitter). Cricket seemed a little wobbly from all the ‘roids he’s taking to combat his CV, The Mole was extra perky and even a little peppy, and DigEm was on his best behavior (well, sort of) knowing that his commute would be in jeopardy with too much snark.


Warm-o-Rama: Nope


The Thang: Speaking of Jeopardy, I rolled out a non-app based Wheel of Misfortune game – so BF and LD (who apparently quit F3) wouldn’t have a hissy fit over anything that involves technology or creativity. Or fun. Or ingenuity. Let’s just eat a ham and cheese sandwich every day for lunch for our entire lives. You get the point…

Anyhoo, with about 30 different options on the WoMF, and lots of non-plant-based fabulous meat prizes – what could possibly go wrong? Spin the wheel, and do the work. For some inexplicable reason we kept landing on squat this and squat that stuff. Much to BF’s chagrin. And watching Quagmeister spin with his limp little wrist was upsetting. Sheesh bro, put some oomph into it.

15 minutes in, quick audible and mosey up to the front of the school under the cozy confines of that overhang…and a flat surface not covered in goop. Don’t tell Quag that his outfit is ruined. But at least TM is happy. Meds are working today…

Get into a good rhythm, and try to avoid those long, lingering looks coming from BF. Bruh, those flirtatious DM’s last night are really starting to creep me out now. In a good kind of way, ya know?

I dunno, we did a bunch of awesome stuff, and got ripped (not Sweetheart ripped, but still…)


COT: Quaggy and DigEm were rude and disrespectful during the COT so Cricket scolded them and we wrapped it all up…Cricket is great at two things: Burpees, and silent-assassin comments under his breath…


Naked Man Moleskin: …Like when the bus rolled in and he quipped: “Hey DigEm, your ride’s here…” To DigEm’s credit, he quickly responded with “my bus is a lot shorter than that…” Point/Counter Point

Quaggy became hyper-focused on all things Dodge ProMaster today. Dropping some insider family information on how he aspires to trick one out into a Metro ITP Swagger Wagon. Kinda cool, but really creepy.

The Mole mentioned that we could literally throw rocks and hit Law Dog’s house. We all agreed to do this.

Cricket with the yellow shirt to honor sweet little Ellie Pruitt who went home to Jesus way way way too soon. Crazy story about the “heisman squirrel” emblazoned on the front. Something about his bro-in-law and record setting sales??

Harpoon?? Where you @ bruh? Dilbert? Danica? Goat Milk? Chitty? The Buff is like the last stop before F3 retirement. Sad.

No show by any cast members from The Game Changers!

All were gifted meat of their choice from my recently deceased massive buck.




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