AO: WarTowne

When: 10/09/2022


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Copper, Dump Truck, Exile, Farm Country, Green Mile, Lamb Chop, Mall Cop, P-body, Tinfoil, Topless, Wastewater,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Wastewater

*Small Cop, Yoshi and Crazy Eyes were in attendance as well. for total count of 14.

Wastewater’s long delayed ( not necessarily long awaited) VQ finally happened!

Mosey down to the football field where Karen, Gina and some other coupons were waiting for us. Once at the field, did some butt kickers, high knees and horny bucks ( really high knees but with a high-kick forward at the end).

Circle-up. Welcome, Mission Statement, Credo, 5 Core Principals, and YHC almost forgot the disclaimer (but I’m pretty positive that all PAX already knew that I wasn’t a professional)

Warm O Rama

10 SSH, 10 IW, 10 really slow WP, Sun Gods OYO, Michael Phelps OYO, Ray Finkle’s OYO  and YHC needed to stretch his quads, so we stretched the quads.

The Thang: Curious George (4 Corners but with a partner)

Dora is great but YHC identifies more with Curious George. PAX were instructed to partner up. Partner 1 would go through stations 1-3 doing the exercise and reps for that station. Partner 2 was doing the exercise and reps for station 4 until partner 1 returned when the PAX would switch.

Round 1 – 10 rounds (5 per partner)

Station 1: 10 Merkins

Station 2: 20 Curls for the Girls (curls with the girls if you picked Karen or Gina as your partner)

Station 3: 30 Mountain Climbers (Kodiak Count)

Station 4: 40 Squats – once finished with squats switch to SSH or plank jacks till partner returns.

After 10 collective rounds, PAX were to take a lap around the football field and return to Station 1 for Mary until the 6 was in.

Round 2

Station 1: 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 2: 20 Dips

Station 3: 15 Dead lifts/15 Bent Over Rows (for a total of 30)

Station 4: 40 Monkey Humpers or Gorilla Humpers

—The PAX were unfamiliar with Gorilla Humpers, which is a wide and deeeep monkey humper, and requested a demonstration. YHC turned away from the PAX and provided a demonstration that etched an image in the memory of the PAX that might not ever be forgotten, but they did ask for the demonstration. —

Round 2 went for about 2 rounds before YHC called the Pax to lineup across the goal line.

PAX at the end of the line were to call and exercise. That PAX would Bernie Sanders to the 50 yard line and run back to the goal line while all other PAX would perform that exercise. Then the following PAX in line would follow suit.  YHC started with a call of burpees. Next, a PAX called pickle pounders. The rest, I can’t remember but we made it through all the PAX.

With it being close to time, YHC instructed the PAX to grab the coupons and return them.  Then we mosey’ed back to the flag, making it back just in time.

COT with Woodshed. Charmin was sixth man. Announcements, Prayer, Coffateria.

I’d like to thank all the PAX that were able to come out and support me in my VQ. Thanks to Lamb Chop for letting me bounce my workout off and giving some great ideas and providing the speaker and music. Farm Country for pushing me to step-up and get on the Q-sheet.

Thanks to all the F3 brothers for welcoming me and pushing me over the past 225 days since my first cold morning in the gloom.

Office Party told me during my first BD that it was the fellowship and other men that really keep you coming back. I’m sure I nodded and agreed at the time but I was just trying to keep breathing. The first BD was a healthy wake-up call that I needed to get in better physical shape. For the first few weeks, it was the free workouts and some coffee that kept bringing me out (and maybe the thought that there might be some donuts at the end since Lamb Chop had Krispy Kreme’s after the first BD). Now, it’s my F3 brothers that keep me coming. The push y’all give to be better not only physically, but the push to be a better person, better father, better husband. The desire not to be the grey man standing to the side or the sad clown at the house.  Love you, all my F3 Brothers.

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