AO: Buff

When: 02/18/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Alcoa, Cricket, Homeboy, Red Hat, The Mole,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: The Mole

The BackBlast:


Alcoa said he would bring lube.  But when it’s this warm and wet, that won’t be necessary


Mosey around school and up hill.

The Thang:

5 minutes of Mary to kick things off:
TABATA (20 sec exercise with 10 sec rest)
elbow plank and flutter kicks

Burpees – 10
Curls – 20
Arnold Press – 20
Figure 8 – 30 full cycles
Side Bends – 30 (15 each side)
Lunges with KB – 30 (15 each leg)
Farmer Carry (bonus points if you slap a passing truck)
Plank for 6 –> Lap around school (together)
Rinse and repeat and again


Prayers for Alcoa’s work.  It’s going well, but things are dicey with those crazy Romanians.
Prayers for Frenchy.
Continued prayers for Pruitt family.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Alcoa said he almost didn’t post.  Laid there in bed debating getting up.  But finally decided he had no excuse.  Attaboy Alcoa!  You’re learning.
Cricket came in awfully quiet.  Must not have had Mexican last night.  Much more pleasant odor surrounding him than at The Witch yesterday.
Homeboy was way too excited about the crappy home-gym thing that someone threw on the sidewalk next to the school.  $20 says he has that down at his barn before dinner tonight.
Red Hat is very interested in bikes and training and miles and electrolytes.  This man is on a mission.  Watch out.
The Mole played some more angry music this morning.  I heard bad words.  Like, really bad words.  Is that guy okay?  (answer… no.  Never has been.)

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