WARMUP: Moseyed to the bus lanes and circled up for:

Weed Pickers
Michael Phelps
Sun Gods

BoSox called on PAX to recite the 5 Core Principles
We counted off by 3 and set off to our stations


In groups of 3 each group went with a Q. Group 1 was GoDaddy, Group 2 was Westside, and Group 3 was BoSox. At each station we performed the following until the whistle was blown signaling a switch:

Station 1 – GoDaddy
5 copperhead squats at the bottom on the hill
Bear crawl to the top
5 toe touches to the fence
Pax choice on mode down the hill. Rinse and repeat until time

Station 2 – Westside

11’s on the retaining wall. Started with 1 Box Jump and then did 10 Derkins. Kept going until you got to 10 Box Jumps and 1 Derkin

Extra Credit for those groups that finished early was a round of Brass Monkey Humpers! (Monkey Humpers to the beat of Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys)

Station 3 – BoSox

Burpees and BBSs on the Bus lanes –
5 burpees at the roundabout, mosey the far-end buslane, do 20 BBs. Rinse and repeat, going down -1 bus lane and -1 BBS until time

Moseyed back to the flag on the 3rd whistle to finish up with some Mary

MARY: LBC’s, Alabama Prom Dates, and a short plank

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Speed for Need event this Saturday, check Slack for details

Gut Check posted a link if you want to donate to River Ridge with a group of guys that will get us some exposure

COT: Name-o-rama, Praises and Prayers, and then coffee and donuts

Absolutely stellar start to the week men! Love the support helping us celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I look forward to many more years with each and every one of you. Thank you to all the previous AO Q’s that have continued to make Vineyard an amazing AO

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