AO: Catbox

When: 06/26/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Callahan, Dufresne, Edibles, Fleetwood, Hard Drive, Ice T, Ratchet, Rembrandt, Rug Burn, Sega, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rembrandt

The Catbox has a reputation for hosting some seriously tough beatdowns. Not today! Today I was in the mood to do some STUPID SH!T. We had some fun.

Warmup: Short mosey to the Bball court where we did some SSH, the always popular Weed Pickers, some Sun Gods, Copperhead Merkins, reverse Copperhead Squats, and some wrist shakes.

  1. We moved to the hill for some “Pole Position”. The task was to Bear Crawl up to the top of the hill where we alternate between executing 5 Merkins and 5 Squats. Each PAX takes a turn at the pole position where the hill is longest, after returning to the bottom he then sprints to the short end of the hill. The rest of the group then shifts down putting a new PAX on the pole position. We got a good sweat going.
  2. The next element of this STUPID SH!T BD was the “Ben Simmons”. On the Bball court each PAX takes 2 free throws while the rest of us hold an air chair, or defensive position (Thanks Ice T). If he misses the shot we execute 5 SSH, if he makes the shot we execute 5 Mike Tysons. ┬áNeedless to say we did a lot of SSHs. Although I was surprised at how many brothers could actually shoot, this was really some STUPID SH!T that will probably never be part of any BD I Q again.
  3. Nest was the Bucket Train where we split into two groups and each formed a line. The PAX in the front passes a bucket of sand to the PAX behind him by twisting to the right. When the bucket reaches the PAX at the end of the line he Rifle Carries the bucket to the front and starts the process over by passing the bucket to the left. The next time the bucket was passed over the head. The lines slowly moved forward across the field. A healthy competitive spirit between the two groups kept us moving at a good pace. Not a bad exercise but next time I will make the buckets heavier… just for Rug Burn. We did return for a 2nd round of the Bucket Train after we did some Gronks.
  4. What are Gronks you ask? It’s where we divide into 2 groups, quarterbacks and receivers. On “HIKE” the receiver ran a 10-yd down and in rout, then the QB throws him a pass. If the PAX catches the pass we executed 5 Squat Jumps, if he missed it was 5 Burpees. Each PAX had three opportunities to throw and catch. Great fun was had, lots of brothers hit the turf. Rachet ran the best routs but unfortunately had the worst QB, I won’t mention his name but it rhymes with CrackShaft.
  5. After another run of Bucket Train we moved to 10 minutes of a Mini-Murph. 20 Butt Squats, 10 Pull-Ups, 25 LBCs.
  6. Next, I felt the need….the need for speed. To me nothing beats an all-out sprint. We lined up in two groups about 25 yards apart and one-by-one knocked out sprints. Fleetwood wanted more distance so we opened it up to 35 yards. After 5 sprints each we grabbed all the gear and moved up to the Pavilion for some Weedpickers, Flutterkicks, and Up-Downs.

I learned that most of us can shoot a basketball, but not much better than Ben Simmons. I learned that Tackleberry knows Girl Talk, pretty hip. Most importunely I learned that Dufresne knows all the words to Digital Underground’s The Humpty Dance. Impressive. This beatdown confirmed that when Q-ing you can get grown-ass men to do almost anything.

We solidified absolutely nothing regarding plans for July 4th convergence or this Monday. Watch for Slack updates.

We sent prayers to the brothers PB, Sharapova, Ratchet and their families.

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