AO: League

When: 07/28/2021


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Brimstone, Chazz, Dowry, Festiva, Good Hands, Hass, High Tops, Jorts, Myrtle, Pony Boy, Rubberneck, Show Pony, Spit Valve, Ten Key, Tenderloin, Westside, Wild Thing, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rubberneck

The Thang:

Today is YHC’s 30th birthday and there is no better place to spend the morning of your birthday than the League. No crazy twists or rules today. Just straight-up Ultimate Frisbee with sidelines all the way around.

The Twist

8-Bit was a true HIM and brought out a 40lb sandbag even though he couldn’t stay for UF due to work conflicts. I set up 2 cones 30 yards apart from each other and placed the sandbag in the center. Each time a team scored, the opposing team threw the sandbag towards their cone. The first team to get it past their cone was awarded 2 points.

Team 2 (Dowry, High Tops, Show Pony, Spit Valve, Pony Boy, El Baño, Myrtle, Chazz, Jorts, and YHC) took the W. The only reason it was close was because Team 1 kept getting to throw the sandbag.

All in all, the weather was beautiful and the numbers were perfect. Hard to beat a morning like that at the League.


  • High Tops wins MVP yet again.
  • Missing El Baño and O’Doul on the PAX list but they were there.
  • Wild Thing may have lost a step or two. Baby weight? Maybe that extra weight helped with his sandbag throwing.
  • Festiva was a true father today. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”
  • O’Doul….. out of bounds, man.
  • Everybody learned that Jorts is not a late-round pick. Think he scored 4 times.
  • The High Tops, Baño, Show Pony, YHC ladder was too much fun.
  • Brimstone had some questionable playlist choices but anything is better than Westside’s orange theory dance jams
  • Fuzzy?… Good Hands brought the cleats
  • Pulte? The old “alarm didn’t go off…” excuse
  • As for the sandbag tossing: Pony Boy & Spit Valve struggled while Westside, Hass, and Wild Thing shined.


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